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Kitten Ocicat

Ocicats cat club in the UK. The current availability of the kittens is listed under the individual breeders. Australian Ocicat kittens, Australian Ocicat breeder, Ocicat kittens for sale. Ocicat is a native cat breed that resembles a wild cat but has no wild DNA in its gene pool. Ocicat kitten of the year Karrklan Chip Off The Old Block Chocolate Spotted Tabby.

Club Ocicat Breeder

If you know of an Ocicat charity problem or of an Ocicat grown-up who needs a new home..... If you would like to be included in this mailing for a small charge or need to change any of the information on a new entry, * Please submit the photo for your breeders entry in landscape mode.

When you provide a professionally designed photo, please provide the photographer's name so that it can be added to your account. Indicate a date of kittens born and a completed date. Kitty data will be deleted 4 month after the date of your birthday, unless you want to renew the date, this helps us to keep the site up to date.

For more information about the growers, click on the area of the land you are interested in or browse down to see all the lists. The actual availablility of the kittens is shown under the catteries. Ocicat Cat Club members who have expressly asked to join, and the existence of a membership enumeration does not necessarily mean a suggestion by club officers and/or committee.

Jumpnspots Ocicat kittens for sell thousand oaks, CA All about us

Specialized in the exotically speckled female with character! Ocicat Kitten has been bred by JumpnSpots for over 10 years. The JumpnSpots is a small kennel specialized in very nice and saplings. We' re proud to present the elitist, exotics of Ocicat kittens from JumpnSpots. Ocicats are available in Chocolate-Spotted, Chocolate-Silver-Spotted, TawnySpotted, and Ebony-Silver-Spotted colours on a regular basis.

Occasionally we have cinnamon, cinnamon-silver, blue and lavender-silver tabby kittens. The kittens and kittens run around our home and are acquainted very early with our German Shepherds, which makes our kittens and kittens around our dog great. You are also socialised with many persons, especially with kids of all age.

Ocicats come from pure-bred master classes and are CFA and/or TICA certified. Our kittens are raised with kids, hounds and a lot of loving.

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