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Ocicat is an impressive muscular and athletic cat with the look of the wild, but there are no wild genes used in Ocicat blood lines. Ocicat is playful, loves attention and is not shy. Ocicat is a purely indigenous cat breed that resembles a wild cat, but has no wild DNA in its gene pool. Extensive breed information about the Ocicat cat breed. The Ocicats may look like wild cats, but they love people and are suitable for many types of loving homes.

Race profile: About the Ocicat

That gorgeous speckled kitty steals the show, not to speak of the heart of those lucky enough to own it. Lovers of the wilderness have always been enthusiastic about the speckled cats: the ocelot, the margae, the leopard and others. There has never been such an endeavor to raise a pure house pet that offers the speckled elegance of the wildcat while retaining the beautiful, foreseeable attitude of the house pet.

Ocicat comes from the cross between Abbyssinian, Thai and American Shorthair and is the only dabbed native race that is cultivated in a selective way to imitate the wilderness cat. Coming in 12 colours, the Ocicat is the perfect large, energetic pet with an sporty look. 1964 the Ocicat was the unanticipated outcome of an experiment that tried to make an Abypointiamese.

Mrs. Daly's daugther called the race the Ocicat because of their similarity with the Ozelot. Tonga, the first Ocicat, was spayed and marketed as a pets. As the Detroit paper published the beautiful speckled pussycat, genetician Dr. Clyde Keeler voiced his wish to see a housecat that would imitate some of the disappearing feral sorts.

In this sense the Ocicat race was really bred again! Ocicat was promoted to the Championships in May 1987. The Ocicat looks fierce, but her temper is anything but fierce. The Ocicat is not a sophisticated, affectionate grape variety, it is self-confident and committed to its agronomists.

The Ocicat is also available in four other patterns: tipped, classically blotched, massive and pointed. Renowned breeder are interested in the race's further development and are usually members of breeding associations and/or breeding councils and show their outfits. Blood lines are usually differentiated by Grand Champion (GC), Grand Premier (GP), National (NW), National Breed and / or Regional/Divisional (RW, DW), Agility titels (AC, AW, AM, AG) and Distinguished Merit (DM), which differentiates a cat that produces a certain number of Grands or other Dems.

Please ask the secretary of the Breeding Council for further information.

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