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You' re not fussy when you see an Ocicat. Thinking about getting an Ocicat? They may look wild, but they are actually loving, curious and playful and have a very strong devotion to their human companions. Ocicat is muscular and exotic looking with a distinctive, spotted coat. Ocicat is a cat breed.

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Ocicat is an impressing muscled and athletically speckled female with the look of the wilderness, but there are no feral gene used in Ocicats. Ocicat's extravagant look disproves her loving character and temper. A purely home-grown female that offers the elegance of the big feral monkeys while retaining the beautiful, foreseeable attitude of the housecat makes the Ocicat a popular race.

Ocicat was born by chance in 1964, when an US grower tried to create a Thai with tickled dots like in the Absyssinian. These mating finally resulted in a breathtaking tabby kitty that looked like an Ocelot, resulting in the name Ocicat. Ocicat was then cultivated in a selective manner to imitate the appearance of a Wildcat using three recognized strains, namely the Siames, Absyssinian and Shorthair strains.

Its popularity has since expanded worldwide, with the first Ocicats arriving in the UK in the end of the 1980'. Ocicat is a GCCF affiliate of the Aztecs. Aztec is the Ocicat's nice classical tobacco relatives, who have the same genetics and the same story. Ocicat is a medium-sized to large speckled female that should have a well muscular, sporty physique with a fairly long cock in good relation to the snout.

They have a thick and thick bony texture that makes both men and women unusually fat. Its walk imitates the larger feral monkeys, with a low posture and high scapulae when they walk, giving them a flowing gracefulness. The ocicat should have medium sized and large almond-shaped eyeballs that enhance the cat's colour.

Ocicat comes in 12 different shades - Tawny, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Blue, Lilac and Fawn and then the same 6 shades but on a silvery backdrop. Richer, more dark colour fulfills most of the resemblance of those of Wildkatzen, while the more subtile colour and silvery species offer some nice and eye-catching alternative.

All colors should be tight and tight with a shiny satiny finish to reflect the wonderfully speckled design. Those pretty speckled kittens are affectionate, smart and fun mates. They' re extremely smart, socially -minded and people-oriented as well. The Ocicat may not be loud, but it is an excellent choice for those homes that are actively involved with other animals or those that are nearby.

Ocicat has an easy-care coating that does not require any particular consideration. Whilst brush-off is not a straightforward request, the brush can give the brusher the benefit of the eye. Though the Ocicat is considered an Exotics race, it does not require any particular grooming, as its wide genetics give it a strong and vigorous character.

Ocicat, like most of the other females, has an avarage lifespan of 15 to 18 years.

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