Ocean Mawlamyine

Sea Mawlamyine

There is an ocean supermarket in Myanmar, Mon, Mawlamyine. Moulmein is the capital of Mon State in southeast Myanmar. Mawlamyine Ocean, Mawlamyine Ocean, Mawlamyine. In the morning, take a scenic drive through Mon State towards Mawlamyine. The main exit of the sea route for the trade of land blocked regions.

Oceans Super Center, Mawlamyine

The Ocean Supercenter is Myanmar's first and biggest retail store in Yangon, the city' main city, opened in 2006. Mawlamyine' s Ocean Supercenter store opened in 2016 and is the first fully air-conditioned Hypermarket in the city. Upstairs there are retail stores that sell, among other things, high-quality cell telephones, clocks and design clothing.

On the second level is a supermarket where everything is on sale, from homemade clothing to games, foods and foods. Much of the foods are sourced from other Asiatic nations such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indoensia. In some cases, the price at Hyper Mart is similar and lower than in the conventional souvenir-store.

This is the right place for those looking for import foods such as cheeses, chocolate and cereal. Upstairs main road, between Thein Ghone Road & Taninthayi Road, Bagone Ward, Mawlamyine.


Moulmein is the capitol of Mon State in southeast Myanmar. It' the third biggest town in Myanmar. It is located 300 km (186 ml) eastwards of Yangon. Myanmar's longest tram viaduct is the Thanlwin River crossing the Thanlwin River and extending up to 11,000ft. (3,353 meters).

It was the most important harbour during the English period. There were Brits in Mawlamyine. Myanmar was the capitol of Burma (Myanmar) during the UK period from 1827 to 1852. The renowned Burmese playwright George O. Well (author of the Burmese Days), who was based in Mawlamyine, worked for the Imperial Police of India in 1920.

In his 1930, "Shooting an Elephant", und sein Vorgänger, der britische Dichter Rudyard Kipling, written in seinem berühmten Gedicht "Road to Mandalay" ; eine Zeile a commencé, "By the old Moulmein Pagoda, looking llazy at the see and.... You can read the KyaikThanlanlan Pagoda, as he was sitting", qui fait allusion à la pagode KyaikThanlanlan, qui est assise....

There are many UK era farmhouses still along Strand Road. On the southern side of Mawlamyaine you can see the small village of Kyaikmaraw, twenty-four kilometres southeast of Mawlamyaine. Kyaikmaraw Pagoda is visited by locals and tourists alike for its magnificent mon-style Buddha statues.

Another place further southwards from Mawlamyine is Pa Auk TawYa Monastery and Meditation Center. Shortly before the city, Mudon of twenty-nine kilometres southward of Mawlamyine, Win Sein Tawya Monastery has the largest Buddha in the whole wide area. You can drive 60 km (37 ml) further southwards from Mawlamyaine to another historical city named Thanbyuzayat.

Myanmar's railway crossed the Myanmar-Thai frontier with the Kwai River and landed in the city of Kanchanaburi on the Thai side. Railway engineering is the cause of the deaths of several hundred of Myanmar, and even Japan troops in the area.

Another near shore was another small coastline town known in the UK as Amherst, the bathing town of the Brits. Adoniram Judson (1788-1850), the US missionsary in the area, passed away in Upper Burma, but his widow Anne Judson passed away and was entombed in Kyaiikkami.

The Kyaikkami Pagoda is one of the most popular places where the locals made their pilgrimages. While the pagoda is in the sea, during the floods it is separate from the mainland because it was constructed directly at the sea.

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