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Regal Central Hotel in Bahan is an excellent base for the analysis of Yangon. At present, only domestic airlines fly to Nyaung Oo, while international connections to many destinations in Asia are possible from Yangon and Mandalay. Hotel & Service Apartment: Yangon Rose Garden Hotel. Boutique of character, directors' favourites, historical hotel.

Yangon Oasis - Review Classique Inn, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

I' ate at the Classique lnn. It'?s a $8 pound pasta. Noodles were very delicious, but I would rather pay 8 US$ for something else (cheaper) elsewhere + cab to/from Classique In. Actually it doesn't actually take 8 US dollars, even if you take a cab just to have a traditional China pasta somewhere else.

When you arrive by cab from the Aiport, it will cost US$10 (one way) to get to the town from January 2012. Classique Inn was asked to organize a trip to Bagan (1N/2D) which includes 2 cab trips (US$20) between Classique Inn and the Aiport.

A US$10 would be the default rate from a route to/from the airfield for tourist, no matter what. Overnight at another hotel in Yangon in the same area and drove back to the airfield to take my return to Singapore. I got a cab from the hotel, but I only had to pay 4,000 Kyat (about 5 US$) to get to the Aiport.

It' a little frustrating to know that Classique Inn always charge US$10 for a cab fare. Otherwise the Classique Inn is a nice place to spend the night, all employees are very kind and supportive!

Yangon Oasis - Review of The Loft Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Allow me to say that before I booked, I was very interested in Yangon properties. It was $300+ in top quality properties, and I find it ridiculous to be paying in a low income state. The reason we lived in a double room was that it was on the back of the hotel (the front road is very busy) and because this was the cheapest room type to get a king-size sofa.

Adding the upper and lower floors, you have what a regular hotel room has. Disadvantages: - Wake up every day at 6am for the doves and other bird that sound as if they were in the room with you. Awakened us both often with what seemed like runny/drip.

Frequent blackouts- crazy for any hotel. The bed was terribly inconvenient and made a ton of noises every single one of us was moving and woke up the other. There' s a leak in the showers. Whenever you took a showers, 3/4 of the bath was inundated and there was no way around it. Terribly unpleasant couch that fits BARELY for 2 people.

Throughout our 2-day sojourn, the bottled waters never became either chilled or even chill. Staircase of Doom. There was a VERY sharp staircase to the bedroom with no hand rail on one side. Between the staircase and the walls there was a big space, which makes it very simple to walk off the staircase in the midnight and use the bath - yes, you have to go down the staircase to the bath.

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