O Chin Chin

Oh chin

Oquinchin is a word used by small Japanese children, mostly boys, to refer to a penis. It is usually used in an innocent, teasing context. Okhinchingaizukinandayo "Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo". " O Chin Chin Ga Daiuski". However, I speak less Japanese than an infant, so I am not an authority for translating the language.

toasty: toast: Chin Chin - Not with the bristles of my chin!

I headed a group of internationalisation engeneers for many years. Eating together was also a great pleasure, and when there was an opportunity for us toast, we were often heard with a" chin and chin" bump. "Chin-chin " is an ltalian chin-chin which in my opinion means the equivalence of "to your health".

Once one of our Korean engineer had given us a tale about it. Apparently, a businessman from Japan is going to a supper party. In the evening, an Italian lifts his glasses and drinks to the Japonese "Chin-chin! First, the Japs look aghast. Looking at the Italian, he apparently realizes that the Italian did not want anything bad, he lifts his glasses and sipping on his beverage, which he shares in the onast.

Late that night, someone who saw his expression during the roast goes to the Japonese and asks him about his response. "I' d never even overheard that particular kind of forast. Translated from English, the term "chin" means erection. When he said "chin and chin" to me, at first I thought he insulted me.

I thought about it and when this man wanted to drink to my cock, who am I to fight? And so I took the bread with pleasure." This tram is called "Chin-chin Densha" or "Chin-den" for brief. "Densha " means "train" in Japanese, and the ringing of the chin-chin ringing on leaving is called "chin-chin".

Chin Chin | Filthy Frank Wiki

"He was exiled by Yadaran." Chin Chin was a sinister Lycra god who dominated the many kingdoms of the Filthy Frank world. The Filthy Frank Show's lead apearant. Chin Chin was last seen battling Frank, Pink Guy and Yadaran.

Chin, who traveled through many empires to find his secret masculinity, went through many different identifications to conceal the modesty of his very small cock. Angry and sad, Chin wandered through the rich looking for a way to make an impression on his father again. When Chin graduated, he couldn't find a gig to give him enough cash for his penile operation.

Chin became totally mad and hurt everyone who had harassed him in his childhood. His former tyrants like Prometheus were almost killed, with Chin stole many of Prometheus' chromo. That made Chin very strong, which made his cock unbelievably large. China travelled to the kingdoms where he once lived, hoping to reunite with his dad.

Disappointedly for Chin, Dade no longer resided in this empire and was thought there. That made Chin very angry and angry. Chin Chin deceased 6,000CH before "Chin-Chin (A Serious Video)" (about -50,000CH), and he unexplainably rose in about 0CH, so that we can then expect the chromosome timing to be predicated on the Chin-Chin resurrection.

Chin, who now calls himself Chin-Chin, used his vast powers to journey through the worlds and frighten man. In the meantime this theorem was abandoned by the former writer because of his conflicts with newer contents of Filthy Frank. Chin Chin is now known as The Dark Lord in Realm 6.2.

Kin-Chin was thought to be forever gone after he was humbled by Prometheus (this tale can be found in another paper, although much of the history contains Yotenic philosophy). But after a caution from Santa's Brother he came to his flat and sang "ochinchinchin ga daiisuki nandayo". Following the trip, Frank was compelled to offer up some of the Kid chromosome every single second.

And then one of these days Frank was taken away by the ass flute of Man and forgotten to make the offering. Angrily Chin-Chin Salamander Man took him to The Rock Paper Scissors Arenas (after a brief fight with Lemon's Lemonjutsu), where he cursed him. He travelled with Red Dick to the stadium where he showed Chin-Chin the victims presented by the show's heroes.

When Senpai again forgotten his victim, Chin-Chin was willing to take Man to Jacksonville, Florida when he began to play his ass flute. Chin-Chin let him go and has almost ceased harassing Franku's team since. Soon after, Chin-Chin asked for victims from all those who worshipped him. Although his faithful followers had sacrificed for him, Chin-Chin was still angry and disappear.

That was about the moment Creepy Dude showed up after a long period of absenteeism and hung out with Frank and the band, it was unveiled in "PINK GUY COOKS TAKOYAKI AND RAPS" that Creepy Dude is actually Chin-Chin in costume. Chin Chin once again showed up hunting for anime in Realm 69 Frank and Pookie, robbed Frank after he had killed Pookie, and demanded more victims in exchange for the sidekick he had loaned Frank in WORST FILM EVER.

When Frank had given the 2015 offerings to the Dark Lord, Chin-Chin took Pink Guy from Frank and exiled Frank to Empire 0 (the Rice Field site, motherfucker!), where he found Salamander Man. Chin-Chin appears again after many Chromosome in the movie "FILTHY FRANK VS Chin-Chin", where he probably destroyed Safari Man with his Chromo.

Frank does not come back soon after and begins a series of wars with Chin-Chin. At the end Chin-Chin is beaten, but Frank says that Chin-Chin will come back and that the conflict has not even begun yet. Chin Chin appears again in "FRANCIS OF THE FILTH (OUT NOW)", where he has captured Frank and enticed Pink Guy to his home base.

and he was trying to take it from Frank. Then Yadaran came, and after he warned Chin-Chin not to involve him in the fight, he exiled Chin-Chin to an unfamiliar place. Chin Chin has shown an immense amount of divine super powers. Chin Chin can also conjure porches as a way of multi-dimensional travelling.

There is only one true sentence of the Dark Lord Chin-Chin: "Ore wa ohchinchin ga daiisuki nandayo". Sometimes Chin-Chin also says "Ochinchin daoko", which literally means: "Oquinchin " is a childlike way of saying "penis" in Japan. In" FILTHY FRANK VS Chin-Chin" Frank said that Chin-Chin is not a deity, not even remote.

Chin Chin can do garden work as a recreational activity, because in "ROCK PRAPER SCISSORS....? It is also found in many video clips that are easily accentuated by "creepy" scenes, usually with a half-tone increase in pitches in g major to distinguish it from an authentic Chin-Chin performance.

Chin Chin-chin was at the first harlem shake. Chin-Chin is an arsehole, but now and then he finds something good in his mind. If the Dark Lord is near, he will help his supporters in combat. Chin Chin can appear from watered wooden mugs, as in "WORST FILM EVER".

In" I HAVE BABIES" it is possible that Frank's Strange Babie was indeed Chin-Chin before his curse, since the infant was able to say" Ore wa oquinchin ga daisuki nandayo". It' possible that the concept of Chin-Chin's characters was reused in "Chin-Chin (A SERIOUS VIDEO)", because before the Filthy Frank Show even began, George Miller posted a 2008 movie entitled "I LIKE WEINER", which shows a funny dude who says "I like weiner".

In" I haven social networks" it is indicated that Chin-Chin is controlling PornHub. At The Battle of Jew Central, Frank gives him several STD's (like HPV and Herpes) while shouting "I just hopefully you like itching cock you mongrel. Chin -Chin is currently exiled by Yadaran, his abode is not known. Chu Chin's tears were sutured to inhibit his expansion.

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