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The Nyaungdon Township is a township of the Maubin District in the Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar. Nyaungdon, Ayeyarwady, Myanmar and Nyaungdon travel guide. EPILEPSY TREATMENT GAP REDUCTION IN NYAUNGDON TOWNSHIP, MYANMAR.

Nyaungdon,yeyarwady - roadscape, satelite elevation and views of the streets

It is located at 17.03 north, 95.65 east and 16 metres above the surface. North Nyaungdon is a small town in Myanmar with about 40,092 people. Sightseeing and activities in Nyaungdon, Ayeyarwady and the surrounding cities: Nyaungdon's maps allow you to navigation to, from and through Nyaungdon securely.

With Nyaungdon's sateview you can see all the topographical detail around your current position or investigate the roads of Nyaungdon from the comfort of your own home. You can use your reconnaissance system to get route description in Nyaungdon or find a particular place in Nyaungdon. Works with any computer, notebook, tray or smart phone with a web browsers.

Myanmar, Ayeyarwady region, Maubin district, Nyaungdon Tow.....

Myanmar is not as calm and traffic-free as the streets I normally show here. It is the bustling (and only) street from Pathein to Yangon. Given this volume of transport, it is difficult to believe that it did not even existed 20 years ago. Up until then, the only link between the delta and the capitol (then Rangoon) was by canoe.

Beyond a coach and then the infamous Hino TH, the workhorse from Burma (built until 1968, so it must have been at least 50 years old when I took this photo). Picture taken through the windshield of a driving vehicle.

Transportation by truck 21 Rohingya intercepted in Nyaungdon

Two Rohingya, found in a lorry from the state of Rakhine, are being accompanied by policemen. The Yangon - A lorry containing 21 Rohingya from Rakhine state warehouses was caught last night by local law enforcement in Sarmalauk, Nyaungdon township, Ayeyawaddy region. After the first investigations, the riders of the six-wheeled lorry, Tin Tun Aung and Tun Tun Tun Naing, brought the Rohingya to Yangon, Myanmar's trading centre, when they were arrested by policemen shortly before they entered the city.

"They were carrying 21 Rohingya hiding under a tarp. We' ve arrested the riders and the Rohingya at the precinct. Riders said they collected them in Gwa, but some of the Rohingya who could talk Burmese said they were from Kyaukphyu camp. The investigation is still in progress," said an official on the job at the policestation.

Rohingya consisted of 12 men, six wives, one male and two mothers. They also impounded the lorry. Investigations are ongoing and litigation is underway against the suspect in accordance with the bill, said MEPs. Last October 18, in Rakhine state at Rakhine State' checkpoint in Kyangin township, policemen caught a lorry and found seven Rohingya hiding under travel bag.

Both Rohingya and the riders were also tried.

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