North Nyaungdon (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Explore Nyaungdon, Ayeyarwady, Burma with the help of your friends. Actual local time & date, time zone and difference Nyaungdon, Myanmar Nyaungdon, Myanmar Ayeyarwady. Actual local time in How far is it to Nyaungdon? The Nyaungdon is located in Myanmar (Ma-ubin District, Ayeyarwady) and the time zone Asia/Rangoon.

The Nyaungdon travel guide

Explore Nyaungdon in Myanmar! In the Tanintharyi area Nyaungdon is a city in Myanmar - about 657 km southeast of Nay Pyi Taw, the nation's capitol. The time in Nyaungdon now is 09:25 PM (Wednesday). If you are in this area, you should also visit Thabyugyaung, Seinpyon, Pyinthadaw, Pyathachaungywa, Nyaungdon and Kami.

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The Dawei Distrikt is a part of the Taninthayi Division of Myanmar.

The Nyaungdon Archive

In Nyaungdon township, a new housing and business development is being built near the town of Takway. In Nyaungdon township, a new housing and business development is being built near the town of Takway. The Kay Khaing Oo Construccion Company is constructing the boat Myat Tun Housing Projekt, consisting of six..... The inauguration of a four nautical miles long paved street was celebrated in the town of Chaunggyi, Nyaungdon township....

In the last weeks of March, Chaunggyi Village, Nyaungdon Township, Ayeyawady Region, hosted a dedication ceremonies for a four miles long cement roads. Rural Development Department Township assigned K.... Nyaungdon Township Development Affairs Committee leads the extension of two footpath on the... The Nyaungdon Township Development Affairs Committee is extending two foot-width footpaths on both sides of the Nyaungdon-Yangon Rd. in Nyaungdon, Ayeyadady Region, which is investing its funds in....

Lifetrodden school reopened in Nyaungdon

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On August 3, the citieship colleges shut down as fear of floods increased. Municipal officers say 68 of Nyaungdon's 211 colleges were overrun. U Hla Min, a member of the parliament, heralded the end of the cataclysm. Approximately 30 parts of the town in the outskirts were submerged, the disaster control office said.

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