Nyaung U Market

New U Market

It' s divided into several sections that sell a variety of items, and it is particularly noteworthy that there is a wet market. Here you will find almost everything from fresh fish, vegetables, handicrafts to Myanmar sarong (the locals call it "longyi"). Nyaung U Market offers great photo opportunities and the opportunity for tourists to meet with Myanmar's locals and watch them live their daily lives. Situated near a roundabout in the north-east of Bagan, the market of Nayung enchants visitors with its unique and lively atmosphere with colourful fruit, flower and textile shows etc. The Mani Sithu Market in downtown Nyaung-U is the most important local market in the city, from fresh fish and edible oil to betel nuts.

New U Market, Bagan, Myanmar

Nyaung U is only 4 km away from old Bagan. Once overslept, this city was woken up by travellers and became a busy travel centre with the vibrant Nyaung U Market and some important couples and churches such as the Shwezigon Pagoda and the Htilominlo Temple. Nyaung U Market is definitely a must.

It' s split into several parts that sell a wide range of articles, and it is particularly remarkable that there is a humid market. Be sure to look around and negotiate. Nyaung U Market is also a good opportunity to meet the locals and experience how they live their everyday lives. You' ll see craftsmen transform a simple wooden tablet into a work of artwork, smelling the fragrance of indigenous paddy, meeting kind faces smeared with a little bit of thanksaka (local sun block) on their cheek, learning where the thanksaka comes from, and seeing novices from a convent gathering charity from the locals... Just take the liberty of taking a few good pictures.

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The Nyaung U Market in Bagan - shopping in Bagan, Myanmar

The Nyaung U Market is a Bagan area. It offers great opportunities for photography and tourism to meet the indigenous Myanmar population. What makes Nyaung U Market unique? The Nyaung U Market is a market in the Nyaung U community north-east of Bagan.

Nyaung U is a busy riverside city with more activity than anywhere else in Bagan, where most independents are hanging up their bag (or backpack). Nyaung U Market offers great photography and the possibility for visitors to meet the locals of Myanmar and see how they live their everyday-life.

It is subdivided into different categories that sell different articles and comprises a fresh market. There' s one department that sells wicker articles, another that sells tea leaves - a delicacies in Myanmar, another that sells attire. So what is there to discover on Nyaung U Market? Situated in the north-eastern part of Bagan, the Nyaung U Market is the Nyaung U Village's area.

You will find almost all Myanmar's goods in the different areas, from local long gyi to other garments, from wicker articles to tealeaves - one of the country's specialities. It is also an ideal opportunity for you to take photos of astonishingly virgin vegetables and delicious paddy and really mix with locals'studying' a part of their lives.

You can go from the market to one of Bagan's most important Buddhistic monuments: How to get to Nyaung U Market? The Nyaung U Market is situated near the traffic circle at the eastern end of the highway. It is easy to get there by e-bike, horse-drawn carriage or even public transport from the international airports.

As soon as you step onto the crowd, they will try to try to put the post cards or creme on your face, make sure you don't go near them. The Nyaung U Market is best viewed early in the morning to see it most alive. It is always important for us to go to the most popular tourist locations in the area.

One can see the indigenous lives in these market. The NU Market is the area market for the Bagan population. Would its not a great market but lots of colour and action. Smell the area, try some regional cuisine. See the Bagan Market in the dawn.

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