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The Nay Min Thar Hotel is located in Popaywa and offers free WiFi. "[ ????


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The Burmese administrative cycles: The Anarchy and Conquest, c. 1580-1760 - Victor B. Lieberman

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The Shwe Min Tha Foundation starts a handicapped projects

Work to help handicapped persons to get more help and a greater part in their local community has started in areas with the highest percentage of handicapped population. Shwe Min Tha Foundation (Myanmar) Chairman U Myat Thu Win says the three-year program will also increase general understanding of the issues facing persons with a disability.

"The majority of the population is unaware of the problems faced by handicapped persons. Until 2017, the projects will be carried out in the Danubyu and Yegyi districts of Ayeyarwady and Patheingyi and Amarapura in the Mandalay region. "The goal is to promote equitable accessibility to essential public welfare and to promote community policies for persons with disabilities," he said.

"It will help churches better understanding the situation of handicapped persons. The Ayeyarwady region has the highest number of inhabitants with disabilities in the state. It will provide advice to handicapped persons on how to use official support and at the same time train them on how to help handicapped persons. "Commitments are trying to become more integrated and the attitude of the general community towards handicapped persons is shifting.

However, handicapped persons still do not have self-confidence. The development of the life of handicapped persons in our community poses so many challenges," said U Myat Thu Win. A spokesman for the U Kyaw Swar said the course will include both the handicapped and their family. "He said that officials and some locals are also being trained on how to help them.

The 2014 survey shows that 2.311 million persons - 4.6 per cent of the 51.491 million overall inhabitants - have disabilities. The area with the second highest handicapped person in China after the Aye-yarwady region. "Handicapped persons are discriminated against in access to employment, training and health care. They are the most serious because they are often superstitions," said U Kyaw Swar.

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