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Dr. Lay Nwe is experienced in all aspects of general medicine with a particular interest in the health of women and children, minor skin treatments and mental health. Verify Nwe Lay Clash Royale Stats. The United Channel: the detail of NAN KHIN NWE LAY. Homepage - Mingala Taungnyunt;

Nwe Lay. Khin Lay; Khin Lay Tun.

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Drs. Lay Nwe is well versed in all facets of general practice with a particular interest in women's and children's healthcare, small dermatological treatments and psychological well-being. Nwe is proficient in Burmese and practises in a nonjudgmental and non-discriminatory way. Dr. Nwe likes to train and lead a healthful life style in her free times.

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Rationale 1: We are under license from the Ministry of Manpower (license number: 10C4231). Adress:Blk 28, Jalan Bukit Merah, Sunday / Holiday: Reason 1: Manpower (license number: 10C4231). Reason 2: Period. Rationale 6: Our agencies provide courteous and courteous work.

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maidservant detail (Khin Lay Nwe)

Age( (s) of child (s) (if present): 14. Allergics (: if present): 15. Past and present conditions (including history of disease and medication): v. Hypertensionx. Preferred closing day: Closing day(s) per week. Other Comments: Please specify the method(s) used to assess the capabilities of the FDW (may contain more than one check mark):

Survey by international education center / EA (Please state name of the international education center / EA: Indicate whether the third person is certificated (e.g. ISO9001) or regularly inspected by the EA: Please indicate area: Age: The EA did not/does not get the feed-back from the former employer. When you have received your feed-back (if possible, include a testimonial), please enter it in the following table:

Consider asking for an FDW that is demonstrably capable of doing the work you want, such as domestic work (especially if it has to suspend linen from a high-rise unit), kitchen and care for small kids or the aged. Before hiring, you may want to give particular consideration to your future FDW/s job record and your former FDW employer(s) feed-back.

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