Nwa la bo Pagoda

The Nwa la bo Pagoda

The golden boulder actually consists of three boulders lying precariously on top of each other. Take a look at our guide to the Nwa-la-bo Pagoda in Myanmar so you can immerse yourself in what Myanmar has to offer before you leave. Schedule a visit to the Nwa La Bo Pagoda, Myanmar.


Nwa-la-bo, a place of worship, is still relatively new outside Mon State and is currently visited by very few people. That' s a surprise, because the pagoda is a smaller, but at least geological much more amazing one. In contrast to this ship, where only a giant rock stands on the promontory, Nwa-la-bo is made of three sausage-shaped golden stones that are stacked on top of each other in a precarious manner and are overlooked by a stupa.

Nwa la bo is not accessible during the wet seasons (approx. June to October) and is best on a week-end when the local people bring more atmosphere into the atmosphere and the transportation is more even. You will have to await a coach or a pick-up to Kyonka (K1000) about 12 northeast of the city from it.

One climbs into one of the pick-up truck, which creeps back to the top of the hill (K2000) in 45 mins. Take yourselves much and do not depart your descend too belatedly on the days when transportation becomes tighter after 3 pm.

As an alternative motorbike taxi to Kyonka for K8000.

The Nwa La Bo Pagoda on your journey to Mawlamyine or Myanmar.

Wanting you to get there, you need 40 minute scooters with the interesting you want, once you get to the bottom of the hill you want to await the lorry that takes you to the top and the "waiting room" is in itself an attraction, because the lorry goes like mad and along with Burma NI you are laughing like mad for the unevenness and bends in the search for fast-paced landscape, this is a magic place.

South Myanmar, part 1: Myavlamyine and surroundings

On our travels in Myanmar we always wanted to book a part of our 28-day visit to the south-east of the land - especially to the towns of Myanmar, Hpa-an and Alaska. From Mindat we had a 30-hour drive by coach to Marlamyine. A 5 hrs mini van to Pokokoku (all mini buses from Mindat to Pokoku seem to be leaving at 8:30am), followed by an 11 hrs over night coach to Yangon via Bagan (we had to spend several hrs in Pokok until the first coach to Yangon departed at 6pm) and then a 7 hrs day coach to Pokokoku (we were led by a locals when we got off the coach to Yangon to Mawlamyine:

30 o'clock - not the best coach or prize, but better than the impossibility of finding one of the kinder firms at the insane Yangon stop and hoping to get on their 8 o'clock bus). Mad lighting at nights on the coach. We' ve been able to taste some of the dishes in several different places, among them our first meal in India since Mongolia (tasted like Burma spices) and our first ever Hong Kong based product (it was ok; not as good as in Hong Kong or later in Koh Lanta).

There was also delicious dinner at the overnight fair, where Elizabeth found a seller who sold Tandori chicken, and I went to another seller who sold octopus in a potato saucer. Dinner at the river bank. Then we both ordered a slurp at a street vendors stand, which I'm sure was the reason why we both had to throw up all nig.

Luckily we had a lovely room at the Cinderella Hotel - we spend the whole next morning relaxing in our room - and watched films like Night Crawler, Saving Private Ryan and Sharktopus versus Pterracuda (there was only a small selection in English). First we went on a group trip to Bilu Kyun, known as Ogre Island.

There were no Ogrers, it was essentially a "how it was done" trip to a lot of production companies. We' ve seen how doormats, blackboards, lacquered goods, tubes, fabrics and even edgeband! Usually we wouldn't buy anything on such garage trips, but Elizabeth ended up buying a beautiful item of fabric that she had made into a longgyi by a dressmaker (at a reasonable price).

The" factory" for woven fabrics was just a bundle of outdoor weaving looms under a canopy. The most astonishing part of the trip was when we went to the elastic repair shop. She won't stop discussing how sudden the elastic surgery was - it was quite an outdoor back yard surgery and the end result was practically the same as the elastic tapes you could buy at home in an indoor school.

Climbing a paysa on a neighbouring hillside - also barefooted - because it was part of the "Tour" (Tour = cabbie who knows the places). The last trip from Mawlamyine was the Nwa-la-bo Pagoda, a sanctuary with three gold rocks and a pagoda on top of them.

Nwa-la-bo Pagoda / Rock can only be reached from the town at the bottom of the Kyonka Hill with a large lorry with a row of chairs in the background. Or if you are as inexpensive as we are, you can get to Kyonka simply by stopping a past coach near the viaduct on the way from Mawlamyine (although we did share a cab on the way back with a few other tourists).

It was a beautiful half days excursion from Mawlamyine. A pagoda balances on three gold cliffs. It could have been omitted, partly because they recently increased the price from 1,000 kyats to 5,000 kyats (~$4) and because it largely overlaps with our workshop tours of Ogre Island. Six days later in Mawlamyine we took an after lunch coach to Hpa-an and rushed to Batcave on our first one!

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