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Salmaline Numair

The Numair Chronicles reward readers with an unprecedented story of how Numair Salmalín came to Tortall. Just wondering how Tamora got the last name Salmalin. Salmalín Numair | Tamora Pierce Wiki Number Salmalín (pronounced noo-MAYR sahl-mah-LEEN) was borne in 424 HE[1] as Arram Draper to Tyrian Merchants[2]. He' one of the most mighty magicians in the whole wide universe and the main magician of Tortall. He' s wedded to Veralidaine Sarrasri, a mighty savage magician, and they have two kids together: Rikash Salmalín and Sarralyn.

The name Numair Salmalín[4] was adopted when he became a dark magician, allegedly because "Arram Draper" was not a suitable name for a magician[5]. A main cause why he christened himself was to hid from his former companion Ozorne, the Emperor Magician of Karthak, who considered him to have been responsible for high treason. 3.

Ozorne had locked him up in the dungeon, and Numair was able to flee. Emperor never gave up chasing him, and Numair was compelled to flee and take to the street for several years. And Numair quickly won the king's and queen's confidence.

He became the king's main magician after several years of work. They gained very hands-on magical wisdom, which included the capacity to recognize venom. He also became a member of King Jonathan's personal counsel, together with Alanna the Lioness and Sir Gareth the Younger[6]. The King, a very mighty magician and peer, used him as a means of identifying potential thieves.

It was captured by a magician in the ministry of the Lords of Sinthya and nourished with drugs[7]. A thirteen-year-old Veralidaine Sarrasri, who worked as Onua Chamtong's assistant horsemistress, was able to call Numair back into his mortal form with her powerful savage trick. And he was sure she didn't have the gift, but very powerful savage witchcraft.

Onua and Daine returned to Corus with him. When she met His Majesty Jonathan and Daine, Numair was thrilled to tell the Emperor about Daine's ferocious witchcraft, especially as she felt the storms arriving in the castle and the power to feel colorful beasts. Numberair persuaded Daine to become his disciple by saying that he could educate her to cure pets, but he did not comprehend when the young woman declined to meditate and learned more about her magical abilities.

Later, when she told him and Onua what was happening in Snowsdale and how she was losing her man. N Numair assisted her to create a bar to keep her fierce mage-self from mingled with her own self and told her that it was a very simple magical achievement[9].

Daine was left with a premonition of a new born kite in a cavern along the cliff. Since Daine took Numair and Alanna, she adopted the drag on song Skysong. Numberair later said she could be living with him at his lighthouse, but Alanna said it was hardly appropriate and she needed wives to speak with.

Numair's young students were given a home in the castle with the King and Queen and a home at Pirate's Swoop[11]. As Daine was asked for help by two members of the Long Lake Wolfsrudel, King Jonathan consented to let her and Numair go to Fief Dunlath and help the werewolves, if only because some troops and horsemen had disappeared near Fief Dunlath.

On their way back to Long Lake, the WOLFS led the people back, and on their way there, Numair saw a combat magician blow up the Queen's lost horsemen and kill them all[12]. Numair and Daine were taken to Fief Dunlath, the country of Lady Yolane and her husbands Belden.

In Fief Dunlath they heard of an quake near an open-pit mine. It was Numair who thought that the warmage who had created him might have been involved in the assault on the cavalry camp[12]. It was Numair's demand that if Daine and he had ancillary rooms, the front doors should be closed for decency's sakes.

Tristan Staghorn, a magician from the young age of Numair, was present for dinner at the castle with Lady Yolane and Lord Belden. It seems Staghorn was a very experienced warmage at Carthak University. NOMAIR already suspected that Staghorn was responsible for the explosions[13]. When Daine made the error of telling Lady Yolane that she could speak to pets, Numair ordered her to packing when they returned to the inn[14].

You were also trying to alert King Jonathan to the betrayal at Fief Dunlath. Numberair also knew that Staghorn was under Kaiser Ozorne's wings and that he was loyally committed to him, so he suspected the Emperor's participation in the conspiracy. Thereine parted with Numair before she left Fief Dunlath and said she had to feed the cats.

Numberair cautioned her not to stay still longer than she could now that she was on the run. NOMAIR recognized this and used the trick he learnt as a houseless and wizard of the streets to make it look as if he had drunk the vine. Later Daine saw Staghorn's letters and ordered him to take Numair to him by storm winds.

Numberair made it to the Emperor and came back with Sir Raoul, the king's knight commander, as well as the men of his own and Alanna, the lioness. And then she was warning her against the Bloodrain in the wards. Eventually, Numair and the soldiers he was bringing with him made it through the bar.

Fighting Staghorn, he turned the warmage into an orchard of apples with a single power word[16]. One year later, in 451 U, King Jonathan and Queen Theoret sought to reach a peaceful settlement with Carthak by delegating a mission of statesmen. Numair, Daine, the Duc de Naxen, one of the sons of Dukes Gareth the Younger, Martin of Meron, Alanna the Lioness and Hareailt of Aili were all part of the delegation[17].

Thessaloniki was sent along to cure the emperor's sick birds[17]. It was because the Kaiser granted him a pardon that Numair went back to Karthak[17]. Numberair was less happy to be in the imperial magician's company, but when he was welcomed by his old pal Lindhall Reed, he was unbelievably happy[17]. Once, when Daine turned into a fowl and was flying around the aviary of Kaiser Ozorne, Numair fought with Ozorne.

Taine was his weakness and he tried to meet the other man[18]. Seeing that Daine and Prince Kaddar spent a great deal of quality with each other, he confront Kaddar in front of Daine, asking very private doubts about whether he had affaires or not, and informing the ladies that things could not be more serious[19].

Later, Ozorne disclosed his real purpose. Kidnapping Daine, he told a falsehood that she had disappeared into his realm to persuade his own nation to revolt against him[20]. It was Numair who sent his humulacrum to be captured by Kaiser Ozorne. He had Numair's pretence sacrum put to death and had his old mistress Varice Kingsford observed[21].

Genuine Numair kept Daine from being a hyaena and trying to kill Ozorne. Tortallan representatives were negotiating a contract with the new Emperor Kaddar. Numberair panicked after realising that the obstacle between the mortal and divine realms was exploding through the work of a mages. Both Daine and Numair recognized that the immortals would be on them immediately, and it would not prevent them from entering the mortal realms[22].

Weiryn and Sarra Beneksri took Numair and Daine to the Divine Realms after they were assaulted by the so-called Skinners and almost died[23]. It is certain that Numair learnt that his student's dad was a gods. He' also struck Gainel the dream king. And they recognized that Uusoae, Queen of the Chaos Realms, gained might through her mortal receptacle, Ozorne Tasikhe, the former Emperor Magician of Karthak, who was now a storm[23].

NOMAIR asked Daine to stay with her folks in the Divine Realms, which she promptly refused[23]. She travelled through the Divine realms, and Numair rescued her from Spidren's by using a focal point, in this case a brush and a figur. and he was upset when she thought he just wanted to have intercourse with her.

Later, Numair battled Scanran magician Inar Hadensra and beaten him. However, Numair was robbed of her magical powers and was later found by Daine, who had beaten Queen Uusoae and Ozorne Tasikhe. He' asked Daine to get married, but she only said if he was very good. Then Numair had a quiet life with Daine as head magician of Tortall.

He' also brought a little witchcraft to the pages. Once, in 452U, Keladry of Mindelan, her boyfriends and a group of tyrants, including Joren of Stone Mountain, inadvertently disrupted Numair. Numberair and Daine were on a mission to find Blayce the Gallan, the magician who created the metallic monster known as a slayer.

Numberair did other things because his witchcraft was great and mighty enough to do almost anything. Numberair used his spell to call large rocks territory for Haven, a shelter for refugees near the Scanran frontier. Warrior of Haven, Keladry von Mindelan, an employee of the Knights of Haven.

When Blayce was vanquished by Keladry, Numair and Harailt of Aili assisted in the construction of New Hope, the new walled city that was to oversee Keladry. Numberair tried to find them in a magical way, but without success. This year his bride Daine gave birth to her first baby, Sarralyn Salmalín, a shape-shifter-maid.

Her next baby, Rikash Salmalín, was borne in 463 U. After the two babies were brought up, Numair and Daine returned to Carthak to help Kaddar Iliniat. It is described as six foot five inch in size, with a dark skin tone, long, undulating ravens' ravens' black coat, long noses, long dark browns and a strong body[27].

But when Numair is angry, it can be hazardous, for example the infamous event in which Tristan Staghorn Daine endangered his own lives and paid Numair back by turning him into a forest. Numair is very defensive when it comes to Daine, which upsets her. Numberair is also adorable and ardent, as his handling of her in The Realms of the Gods shows, and as Kel thought in Lady Knight.

The first time Numair and Daine got together, he was acting a little ridiculous, crackin' fun and being theatrical. When Daine began to believe him later on in the show, he was less of a child. He' also very honourable and is careful not to do anything that would make Daine fell in Love with him or have the feeling that he is taking advantage of her.

He' s going to make sure all the arrangements are made so Daine doesn't get rude talk about him. But when she finds out that he is drawn to her in the realms of the gods, he insists that she not strip in front of him. She is courteous and good to wives, as his farm lives and his treatments of Yolane von Dunlath and Varice Kingsford show.

Numair's main interests are as a juggler and dexterity, which he learnt in his first years at Tortall. Number is one of seven Negro magicians in the whole wide globe. He has a gift of colour and sparkling whites and is able to transform himself into the figure of a big dark falcon where he first met Daine.

In the Tortallan Universe he is often referred to as the most mighty magician in the world. It can draw on extreme danger when urged, e.g. when Tristan Staghorn Daine endangered his own existence and Numair turned it into an apple orchard (but according to Daine a acidic one).

Although Numair is a robes magician in the dark, he had little knowledge of practicality, as his robes at the University of Carthak are mainly focussed on esoterics, e.g. turning a rock into a piece of bred. from King Jonathan.

Numberair is so mighty that he can't work any little sorceries and allures. In addition, he phoned rocks from 10 nautical leagues with a single charm, instead of up close, because he could not use the "simple" charm associated with shouting the nearer ones. As Duke Baird remembers in the last volume of the protector of the small batch (Lady Knight), Numair admitted that he had to get up and blast a few plugs instead of extinguishing them with his present, because he would cause the spark plug to explode[28].

Lindhall Reed was one of his magician instructors in Carthak. At first Numair falls in for Daine somewhere between Wolf-Speaker and Emperor Mage. While this was throughout the Emperor magician where Numair made it evident a few of the signs, namely Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau, Kaddar Iliniat and Ozorne Tasikhe after Numair tried to beat Ozorne for implying that he slept with Daine and after Numair alerted Kaddar not to trip with Daine.

Daine, for the most part, seems to forget all this, but she has a certain amount of envy for Varice Kingsford and in the last few sections of the script, after thinking that Numair was gone, she went on to riot the palace. Sometime between Emperor Magician and Empire of the Gods, Numair began to produce a medallion as proof of love.

While she was deliriously sick with unicorn fever, he sliced off a curl to round off the medallion. Daine crossed a rock partly through the realm of the gods and Numair thought he had just dropped it.

After escaping the Spidrens, Daine and Numair kissed for the first time. Daine subsequently found Numair's affection for her, but asked if they could talk about their postwar relationships. NOMAIR asked Daine to wed him at the end of The Gods, whereupon Daine answered that she would only do it if he was good.

The guardian of the Little Quartett shows that Daine and Numair are not yet remarried, but live together in the Royal Palace. While Lady Knight, Daine loses her litter as she changes her form. Numberair was thrilled with his wife's gestation and immediately insisted that he and Daine should get wed.

Daine-didn't object, but she did agree to know first-hand what it was like not having a proper family. They' re getting married a fortnight before their babies are born. This is because Daine's form changed so often in her first term that the infant got used to it and changed further during the remainder of her gestation, which meant that Daine had to move her lower half to take account of the baby's changes.

The name of his magician means "Jaguar Claw" or "Panther Claw"; according to Tamora Pierce and Timothy Love on Sheroes Numair, he chose the name because he wanted something striking as a magician name to show everyone that he wanted a name that would suggest that he was "no longer the Geek who dropped from his horses and forgotten to take magic before he got out of the room".

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