Nuka Hiva


Northwestern Marquesas volcanic island of Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia, in the central South Pacific. Notre Dame Cathedral of the Marquesas Islands is located in Taiohae, the main village of Nuku Hiva. Ship to Nuku Hiva Island (Marquesas, French Polynesia) Marina Timetable

Nuuku Hiva Island (also known as Nukahiva) is the largest of the Marquesas Islands, France -Polynesia (overseas area of France in the Pacific). The Nuku Hiva (formerly called "Ile Marchand" and "Madison Island") has about 3,000 inhabitants and comprises a surface area of 339 square kilometres (131 ml2). Nuku Hiva is part of the community of Nuku-Hiva, which itself lies in the Marquesas islets.

Taioha'e, a village on the southern side of Nuku Hiva, at the top of a cove of the same name, is the administration center of the municipality of Nuku-Hiva and also of the Marquesas Islands. Nuku Hiva's main island is a high plain called To'ovi'i, which is surrounded by a plains of high gras.

Toovii' southern and southern borders are a hill crest that absorbs much of the rains that irrigate the Nuku Hiva islet. Type e", a Herman Melville novel, is inspired by his experience in the Taipivai River Basin in the east of Nuku Hiva. Robert Louis Stevenson's first landing on Casco in 1888 was in Hatiheu, on the northerly side of the isle.

Nuku Hiva Island was used in 2001 as the shooting site for the fourth installment of the US real-world contest program "Survivor", which was broadcast in the USA in 2002. Nuku Hiva is a'New in the Wild' with a pair of nomads living on a ship anchored off Nuku Hiva Island at the outing.

Jules Verne described the island of Nuku Hiva as one of the world's most important 1960 markets in his sci-fi novel "Paris in the Twentieth Century" from 1863. The Nuku Hiva Island is one of the 14-day Papeete round trip harbours where the renowned freighter Aranui 5 (to be lifted off in 2015) will call.

Cruiseships to the Nuku Hiva Island Drop Off (Anchor) in Taiohae - harbour city on the south shore. Schedules of the cruiser Yacht Nuku Hiva Island show schedules with all arrivals and departures per year. In the harbour map all vessels are listed (in links) that make crossings to or from Nuku Hiva Island, Marquesas, French Polynesia.

Nuku Hiva Island cruising harbor chart is fully customizable and highly configurable. This shows the precise position of the harbour and the real-time cruising activity (if any) in its surroundings - today and now. Zoom to see other cruising harbours near Nuku Hiva Island, Marquesas, French Polynesia. In case you loose the position of Nuku Hiva Island on the chart, just refresh the page (also with the F5 key).

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