The Nsukka is a town and community in southeastern Nigeria in the state of Enugu. Name of Nsukka: Nsukka, University City, State of Enugu, Southern Nigeria. One of the largest cities and an important city centre in the state of Enugu. The University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) is the home of a leading Nigerian university.

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The Nsukka is a city and community in southeastern Nigeria in the state of Enugu. Cities that have a shared boundary with Nsukka are Eha elumona, Edem, Alor-uno, Opi (archaeological site), Orba and Ede-Oballa, Obukpa, Obimo. Further cities close by are Enugu-Ezike, Ibagwa, Ovoko, Iheaka, Obollo-Afor (former center of trading pallet oil), Nimbo, Adani, Uzo Uwani and Mkpologwu, which now also use the name Nsukka.

The reason for this is that they all belong together in the Nigeria Senatorial Zone System. Nsukka Town is known as the site of the first ever Nigeria native campus established by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Nigeria's first president, the Universidad de Nigeria.

At present, the city has a number of federal parastatals in the college, such as NABDA, CBSS and the Energy Research Center. The Nsukka LGA has an area of 1,810 km and a total of 309,633 inhabitants in the 2006 survey. Nsukka's local government headquarters are situated in the rolling and verdant areas for which Nsukka is known near the settlement areas of the pre-independence years.

Prof. Roseline Onah, who took over the management at the beginning of 2016, is the current chairman of the municipal administration comittee. The Nsukka is the home of the Igbo. There is little known about the city of Nsukka, except that the kingdom of Nri had contacts with Nsukka in the past.

The old US author in the volume "Igbo/Igala Borderland" traces the origins of the city of Nsukka to the former merchants from Arochukwu in today's Abia state, who first of all took a rest there and later set up shop there. Nsukka in July 1967 was one of the first Biafranian cities to be taken by the Nigeria armed services during their so-called "police action" at the beginning of the Nigerian-Biafran War.

With the Nsukka University of Nigeria burnt down, this operation caused many displaced persons and added to the havoc and misery intrinsic to this violent war. Benjamin Chinweike Ezema (now Ezemmah) says that Nsukka is a city made up of three famous municipalities: Nkpunanor, Ihe n'Owerre and Nru Nsukka.

Nsukka has very strong relationships with three other neighboring cities: Nsukka, Obukpa and Okpuje are brothers and sisters of Asadu Ideke Arumona; while the last - Eha is a Patrilinean relative of the other three relatives. For this reason, the city is named Eha-Alumona. The city of Nsukka has a very old civilization and tradition, which in the antique times was almost forgotten due to the indigenous people's belated reawakening for the importance and need for the quest for intellectual scholarship and research.

Every municipality consists of many other smaller towns and clan. 3 ] Prof. Roseline Onah is the new president of Nsukka Municipality, which took over the management at the beginning of January 2016. There are a number of celebrations in Nsukka that are being held by the locals, such as the Omabe Masquerade Festival, Onwa Eto or Onwa Ito (the Third Moon) Festival, which is characterized by the slaughter of several birds in each home for each of the children in the home and in remembrance of dead members of the families;

Only the Omabe feast is still held in the city from the countless celebrations at which Nsukka was known. The Nsukka has some of the most recognized education facilities in southeastern Nigeria. St. Teresa's College, Nsukka (all boys) is one of the oldest school in Nsukka and is located in the centre of the municipality of Nsukka.

The church is run by the Catholic Church of the Nsukka bishopric. Queens of the Holy Rosary Secondary is a pure girls' education program, also run by the Catholic Church of the Nsukka bishopric. The Nsukka High is a state-run official college with an Anglican church legacy. Nsukka Model Secondary High is a full-time secondary modern education class.

P.O. Box 551, Nsukka. The St. Cyprian's Special Sciences High School Nsukka is a scientific residential home for schoolgirls. The Urban girls secondary schools, Lejja Nsukka is a state girl college. Universiy of Nigeria Secondary is part of the Universiy and is also first class.

The school is also run by the nsukka diocesan Roman Catholic school and is situated in the immediate vicinity of St. Teresa Cathedral Nsukka Archbishop. In Nguru, one of the four Nkpunanor towns, there is also the Government Technical College, Nsukka, according to Chuks Isiwu, a reporter.

The Nguru is the city of Nsukka's most ancient mind and thus the first of the Nsukka towns when it comes to the choice or choice of things, as well as the cola nuts.

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