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Aung la Fighting Nsang

And Aung La Nsang is committed to maintaining the perfect Yangon record. Wrongly designed as RTL! Wrongly designed as RTL! Wrongly designed as RTL! Wrongly designed as RTL!

Wrongly designed as RTL! Wrongly designed as RTL! Yangon, Aung La Nsang has never been defeated. It is the town where he was raised, where he went to college and finally became the defending champion in two divisions.

Which other words can you use to argue the tale of a contender who is now sold-out when he passes a football ground every single night on his way to work? That is the tale of Aung La Nsang. The 33-year-old may have acquired his fighting abilities in the United States, but he was borne and raised in Yangon.

The Nsang has now led five matches at the arena and has never experienced a game. This probably mirrors the fact that the arena itself has more or less stayed the same, but La Nsang has grown up a great deal. He will be defending his ONE Championship midweight belts for the first timed defence against Ken Hasegawa this Friday evening (local time).

It is a great challange for La Nsang, who has a great deal of regard for his ONE: La Nsang expects Hasagewa to cause him some trouble, but he is optimistic that they will not turn out to be insuperable. Everyone who has been to one of the last battles in La Nsang will tell you that there is something out there.

Thuwunna Indoor Stadium has an electrical ambience and the defending champion of the two-division ONE Championship seems to have planned his promotion to the top. La Nsang fits the bill in a land that cries out for a sporty heroes who can measure himself on the world scene. He' gets unbelievable help, but with it comes an attitude of expectations that some combatants have to fight with.

Luckily, La Nsang is made of more robust material and nourishes itself on power and commotion. It seems to penetrate La Nsang while disturbing the rhythms of its antagonists. He may be the best warrior he has met so far, but the Yangonese knows he will have an whole country behind him as he gets ready to protect his middle weight belts at ONE:

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