Nrc number Myanmar

Number Myanmar

MYAN AMRC Format[State Number][District]([NAING])[Register Number] with Unicode. All bugs fixed, pretty good and ready to use with myanmar unicode. For this reason, there is no such facial recognition system based on a low quality image from Myanmar NRC chart. National identification number of the NRC. ((n) Documents required to apply for diplomatic and diplomatic culture driving licences in Myanmar.

"implicitly that relief organizations have free entry to Rakhine State."

"The catastrophic August violent events in Myanmar's Rakhine state have resulted in an exploding demand among the locally-stricken population. It is likely to be a full-blown human rights situation requiring a comprehensive reaction. Now we need full and unhindered entry to the affected municipalities, all parts of the North Rakhine included.

There is an urgent need for humane means to assess needs and to provide urgent aid and other philanthropic work. My call on the Myanmar administration to give us the go-ahead for accessing municipalities located in areas affected by conflict. For a while now, the Norwegian Refugee Council has been supporting the refugee camp in the state of Rakhine.

Many of these homes are dependent on nutrition, drinking and health care from charities. With no new help and with those who cannot move around in safety, the municipalities have few resources to live on. In Rakhine and other parts of Myanmar, our response groups are prepared to provide immediate help if we receive the go-ahead from the government.

She has been working in Myanmar since 2008.

Electorate receives IDs

The electorate will be given a specific ID document guaranteeing their right to stand for elections on Sunday 8 November, as the Union Electoral Commission has said. This new action applies to all 32 million eligible electors. New maps, separated from national registration maps, will be issued about a weeks before the survey, the UEC said.

"On polling Sunday, constituents must take their tickets to the polling station, where polling officers examine the tickets against the polling roll and give them a ballot," he added, UEC officer U Thaung Taw in Nay Pyi Taw on August 4, "minor flaws such as misspellings are acceptable".

Cartets will be useful beyond this year's vote, U Thaung Hlaing said. "He said that this move should make our electoral rolls more precise and thus provide a better foundation for further voting. Whilst the map is still being drafted, U Thaung Hlaing said it would embrace the kind of fundamental information that will be included in the electoral rolls.

"The name of the elector, the NRC number, a series number and the name or location of the polling station will be written on the hard copy," he said. The UEC generates this information from the first electoral roll since last November. Preliminary listings have been made available throughout the whole territory for scrutiny by the electorate, asking them to point out mistakes and omitted corrections.

Mr U Thaung Hlaing said the measures were also useful for flooded people. "In the recent floods, many households and inhabitants will have damaged or even forgotten their home member registers or state IDs. However, if they are already signed up and their name is on the register, they will not loose their chances to choose once they receive the card," he said.

The electorate should pay attention to the definitive announcement of the voter registers by the end of August and inform the Sub-Commission's electorate officers of any mistakes or omitted votes. UEC said the tickets would be given to the voters a weeks before voting time - on Sunday, November 1 - provided their full numbers and voter roll.

Myanmar Youth Capacity Building Network member Ko Aung Zin, who prepares for electoral training and monitoring in the Yangon region and the state of Kayin, greeted the UEC electoral process. "Citizens who do not have a valid passport but are eligible to elect and register can elect if they show their passport.

There are still people without a voting pass who can still choose by showing their NRC when they are on the list," he said. The UEC officers could not agree to the 14-day deadline for the definitive announcement of the electoral rolls starting on 23 August, as some groups in civic society called it.

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