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The main business category of the company is the magazine publisher. A walk through Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar, always makes me think of George Orwell. She' s looking into whether the law protects sharks. Previously taboo for tourists, Myanmar has recently opened its borders to tourism. Now it' time for a visit:

Myanmar's missing kingdoms - BBC News

Intelligence operatives from India and Myanmar, also known as Burma, are crossing each other, thumbing up their arms and wear the mandatory black spectacles, although the day has not yet dawned. Then I stumble over an indian policeman's mine searcher, then I turn around his tracking hound. They were almost unseen for a long period of weird.

Very few people in Myanmar even know they do. None of this familiy had been sitting on Burma's lion enthrone since 1885, when a millenium of the empire was quickly ended by order of Lord Randolph Churchill - Sir Winston's ancestor - who wanted to open up profitable new market.

When the rival of Burma's new leaders, the Burmese imperial government dispersed the imperial dynasty and a drive to eradicate them from Burma's past began. Thibaw, the conquered King, was immediately sent into banishment with his very pregant woman, his young princess and two little girls. When he was only 26, the Emperor had no clue that he would spend the rest of 31 years of his entire career here in Ratnagiri, a captive of the Coron.

Approximately 3,000 leagues from Thibaw's regal headquarters in Mandalay, only part of the year away by boat and far from Britain's rival Europe, it was the ideal place to make a man vanish. This step was so succesful that school children in Myanmar today tell their stories in a singular phrase in the government's historical syllabus, and few know that the King's household came back to Burma after his demise and was living calmly among the peoples they once ruled.

Returning to their former empire, the host families were still under suspicious guard after the war. Now, exactly 100 years after Thibaw's demise, the kings are back in the limelight. For the first concession, the King's offspring have been given the right to go to India and recall their ancestors in public to end a hundred years of sternnesi.

Thibaw's great-grandson and boss, U Soe Win, wrap my hands in his two hands and a lovely hot grin under his beautiful dark beard. If the story had been different, the man before me would have been king of Burma. In the 1940' s his dad had almost rejoined the empire, but his murder under suspect conditions in 1948 erased any hope of a kingly restauration.

Now Soe Win is putting his folks back in the annals. The only thing they forget for one whole days is their daily life - they are queens again. A descendant of Thibaw's oldest daughters, their clandestine love for the king's goalkeeper in India would lead to both her family's and Tu Tu's refusal.

Therefore, their many offspring who have assembled here today know very little about their regal past. Now they are standing together to celebrate this story and bowing on all fours to the grave of their common forefather. "To see my great-great-grandfather dead so far away from home and meet my indian family for the first case - they had such a tough one.

" Feelings are high everywhere and there are more teardrops, embraces and group pictures before the host mates. This foreigner' s qualities raise a fundamental issue - is it the right moment for the King' s exiles to end, for his own bodies to comeback?

This will not be simple and we must do things in the right order, but it is my obligation, both as King and as a Myanmarite. "Today shows that many strong actors in Myanmar and India are in agreement. "This is not the right moment.

Do you think the purpose of the emperor would be to reunite or to split? And there are issues as to why the Myanmar soldiers, who have long been distrustful of the Myanmar kings, have decided to be here today. for Burma's prodigal kings right now. Whereas the last of the kings may stay here for the time being very far away from home, he and his familiy are now back on the worldmap.

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