Now I know what the Fox says

I know what the Fox is saying.

Of course we are talking about the monster hit "The Fox". And I think our lives will be defined forever as before and after the song. The last'two-way' contribution is not our last story: Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA. Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA.

The Fox says? YouTube | Technology: Ylvis Musicvideo becomes Virus

Ylvis, a Norway based duet of comedians, has posted a YouTube videotape to you. It is part Gangnam Style and part Crazy Frog, and three day after the publication of the tape it has achieved almost 2.2 million viewpoints on the YouTube television station TVNorge, whereby the US-Blog Gawker has already proclaimed it "Song of the Summer".

Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker have been working together on various Norwegian TV and TV shows for more than a decade, although they are much less known outside their home state. While the Fox may be a fun game, if it keeps up its early dynamic, it will become the latest Nordic hit on YouTube.

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120,000,000,000,000 Ylvis supporters can't be false.

I' m out in the cold at the door of the Today Show, talking to a Croatian newspaper about the inevitable nature of dying and what not when he leaves me in the middle of a row to harass Paris Hilton." They are Ylvis, the Norvegian Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker. I' declare that Ylvis are the boys who made the virtual videotape "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)".

Psy's "Gangnam Style", the Ylvisaker videotape they shot for the vaudeville show in Norway, which went live on September 3rd, combines very vague, vivid EDM tunes - the tune comes from the Norway-based Stargate studio, songs by Beyoncé and Rihanna - with xenophile inquisitiveness and a deliberately ludicrous videotape with lots of forest and fury attire.

The New York Times will be publishing a full story in two days' time on Saturday mornings ( "The Fox Says,'I Can Make You Famous., ") The track itself has climbed to number 6 on Billboard's Hot 100; the two journalists tell me that the guys are having a lot of gatherings in the city.

It then makes a ground-based whirl, singing the main issue of the track ("What does the fox say?!!") and then provides in a scratching tone the same track's responses to this issue, which are in the order ring-ding-ding-ding-ding, wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow, and hatee-hatee-hatee-ho. However, the Today Show bosses - the gold, shiny Kathie Lee Gifford and enough anti-reflective Hoda Kotb - can't wait.

I' m briefly acquainted with Bard, 31, and Vegard, 34, while we go through the glory art-deco interiors of the gallery and down into the leafy space of the Today Show. "Bard says with politeness. "The manufacturer asks for extra clarification regarding the prefered dimension of the lens; Bard repeats that he wants it as big as possible.

TVNorge, the home broadcaster of Ylvis' show, had said that they had to come back with some contents to make this journey to the States a professional one. It turns out he's Bard and Vegard's younger brothers Bart.

Nothing of this is particularly interesting for Bart: "I like to come along and get free food," he says with an admiration. Catherine Lee Gifford is here. "You' re gonna die," says Bard. Him and Vegard are offering handshake. "I' ll take a hug!" screams Kathie Lee. "She winked at me when she said that.

In the mornings the most glorious TV cougard (eat it, Kelly Ripa!) asks Bard and Vegard for their name. Most of Bard and Vegard, who have been calm so far, are taken to another room while they are waiting to continue. When I enter a corridor, I sit and see Kathie Lee and Hoda preparing the audience at home.

"and Vegard Ylvisaker. According to the boys' section, we hurry to the hall of the school. As MTV and conventions are waving, we come right to the point. Now are you in? Bard: Vegard: Well, I think what they do is they support themselves by doing this and giving the song away, and then you go on the road and make a living there because they make it.

As you know, this attentiveness is probably a strange sign. You know, how can you hit while the iron's still warm? Bard: I don't know. It' a silly thing, the Fox thing. Although it' s interesting to folks, it' still a dumb fox tune, and when folks get over it, it gets even harder because it' s so dumb.

Vegard: We are asked: "How does it feels? One gets used to weird things, you know? You' ve subscribed to an US executive committee. How was youritch? Vegard: Her greatest and most important query to us is: "What do you want to do? It' difficult, because to know your destination, you have to know your possibilities.

Managing type of different types of trails and then we need to find out what we can do. Bard: We' ve got supporters in Norway, and when we can tour the US and the rest of the globe and do what we like, it's of course very chilly. One man, who resembles a puffed-up Gordon Ramsay, comes near the desk and begins to speak to the Ylvisakers in Norwegian.

Bard: He was a NORWAY JAPINIST. Wanted to know who you were. Bard: Bard: Vegard: But the thing that happens is that this track shouldn't be a hit, so we didn't have the papers done, but when it became a big thing, then we have to set things up.

So we already had an arrangement with a label, but all sides had to come to an understanding about the actual deed. Then, folks began to speculate that the whole point of the track not being on ltunes was someone accusing us of faking it. So, what do you call it? No. Vegard:

This is how Norwegians act. You don't want to see your heightened. Bard: Vegard: If the whole comic congregation in Norway comes together and says: No, we can do that for you - I appreciate that. It is a big deal for me because number six on the billboard was almost 30 years ago since that happend to a Norwegian:

Bard: That will always be exceptional. However, we may now have the chance to attract perhaps a larger public to what we are going to do in the years to come. Of course, we can't say for sure, but we will keep doing silly things. Bard: Vegard: It' really not fair to all the hard working guys out there working their ass off to get major encounters with guys.

We' re coming up with a dumb fox tune. Vegard: We' ve had some encounters with various networking sites. Three or four years ago, we came here to watch and find out what they were doing. We' re having some unscheduled visits to LA in connection with the Ellen voyage. I won't give any of those lists, but we have actually seen some of the same guys we've known.

Those we recognised at the last time we met said, "Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't make it to that one. Bard: We' re going to have a dumb life. Bard: Not as much as we are hoping. Vegard: We' ve done all sorts of things stupid: marriages. Then, all of a sudden, we are on this journey to America, where it' s going, and there are no barriers.

Bard: It's gross. Vegard: Bard: We' re not going to do a follow-up to the Fox tune. Vegard: Vegard: They' re insulated, they' re not meant to have tech. Bard: They're planning against us on purpose. We' ve made a present for the show folks, sweets and stuff.

Beard yawned and pushed his half-eaten prawn lettuce (which Bard had courteously tendered to pay) away from him and checked his telephone. Then, it's on to MTV, the important gatherings, the rehearsals, the Today Show, the Times Stories, the home. Cinematographers cut to Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, clad in full-length fox outfits.

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