November Weather in Myanmar

Weather in November in Myanmar

Weather average in Myitkyina, Myanmar in November. Cambodia is visited by most travellers from November to March. During the dry season from November to February. Hibernation (dry season): from November to February. Best time to visit South India, which has a humid subtropical climate.

November weather in Myitkyina, Myanmar

Myitkyina's November mean temperatur of 21.7 °C (71.06 °F) is really high. Evenings can be heated with moderate high ambient air up to 27.4 °C (81.3 °F). Accommodation is generally very moderate with an mean low of 16°C (60.8°F). Day mean November is 11.4 °C (20.5 °F).

Weather in November is a bit dry. Shorthest is 10:39 and longest is 11:08 with an avarage length of 10:52. Verify the distances to and the Myitkyina November mean values with those given somewhere with: Browse to November weather in the area of Myitkyina:

The best travel season for Vietnam and Cambodia

The best period for Vietnam and Cambodia is from November to April. During the drought, from November to April, the costs of trips to Vietnam and Cambodia increase. To make your stay in Vietnam and Cambodia calmer, you should go between May and early October.

You can enjoy lower rates during the rainy period (short and heavy rainfall is not to be expected), which is still a good moment to do so. Kampuchea and Vietnam, which are side by side, are often frequented together, but what is the best period for the year?

There are two peak periods in both areas, humid and arid, but they can be used year-round. It is the driest period, from November to April, the most favourite period to travel to both destinations, but the rainy period is not as severe as the record company suggests, and can be a pleasurable one thanks to the lower number of visitors.

In fact, according to what you want to do in Vietnam and Cambodia, the number of tourists can play more of a role in your planning than the weather. The weather: It is the period with the least rain in Vietnam and Cambodia, especially in March and April. Also more comfortable are the low to high 1920s (Celsius), between December and February in the northern hemisphere and in April until the 1930s.

Floods sometimes occur in central Vietnam in October and November, so be careful when travelling this area at this hour of the year. It is an excellent period to come to both lands, although important places like Angkor will be more lively. Cambodia is the best place to go for sun and clear waters from December to April, the latter is especially recommended if you want to go underwater.

Although it can be chilly, Vietnam's Halong Bay is quite scenic from December to February, when fog covers the thousand of islets. Notice that Tet, the Vietnam New Year celebrations, take place at the end of January or beginning of February and is a particularly bustling period because the Viet ese have their vacations here; many travelers discourage travelling during this public holidays as it really is a local season and the transportation will be overcrowded.

This rainy period is also known as the verdant period, as the landscape is luxuriant and verdant, especially the riceplan. The weather: Although it is the rainy period, the period between May and November is not overcast. There' s going to be a lot more sun ( (paradoxically more than in the drought), especially in the morning.

It is also called the "green season" because the landscape at this moment of the year is luxuriant verdant, especially the paddy fields. Especially the Angkor remains in Cambodia will be less overcrowded and their ditches will be full, providing good photo opportunity. It is a great opportunity to explore Vietnam's spectacular Halong Bay, as the clear sky offers a stunning panoramic sea front to the above isles.

Another good rainy seasons holiday resort, Hoi An largely misses the rain from February to July. In order to escape the hot summers, drive to Dalat, a mountain region with colder, more comfortable weather all year round.

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