Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats with a wild and robust appearance are not only a feast for the eyes, but also a pleasure. The Norwegian forests are a playful breed that does not require constant attention. You' re not gonna hear much about a Norwegian Forest Cat unless she wants your attention. Norwegian Forest Cat is a very old breed. This gentle and friendly Norwegian Forest Cat - Wegie for short - loves family members, but does not require constant attention and stroking.

Norwegian Forest Cat Hawk

Norwegian Forest Cat with a savage and robust appearance are not only a feast for the eyes, but also a pleasure. The Norwegian Forest Cat Club's Adele Goff worships these big-boned beauties: "They are a very social race; they like to be with you all the times, so if you want a cat lying on the floor all morning, pick a different one!

They are very flexible and while they are pleased as domestic pets, they also enjoy nature and the open countryside. But they also enjoy their toy and will enjoy spending many years hunting for their favorite toy. "Adele recommends: "They like climbing, so if you are living off the crowded streets and have a beautiful large backyard, they will like to be outside, but it's best for them to have a closed-door run if you are living in a crowded area.

Of course relaxed and calm, Norwegians are great familiy males, as they are good with bitches, are quite dog-like and also good with them. "We' ve been selling a great many kitties to homes with puppies, and ours have always got on well with our dogs," says Adele.

Well-loved by the peasants, they were designated as an independent race in the 1930' s, but interest dwindled during the Second World War and the race almost died out in the 1970'. Fortunately, the race was resurrected by some very enthusiast breeder and Norwegian Forest Cat were founded in 1979 in the USA and then in 1980 in the UK - and received GCCF forerunner status in 1990 and championship status in 1997.

In general, Norwegian Forest Cat are not known to have genetic disorders, although there is a screen to make sure that HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) is not present in the species as it is known to concern large cat populations. If you are a big cat, you have to make sure that your Norwegians keep a good body mass by providing a good nutrition - another benefit for your wayie is that they get a lot of work.

You will be expecting to be paying between 400 and 500 for a pets grade wayie kitty, but this will vary depending on the site and also whether the kitty has been castrated and/or inoculated. Every race profile is general and every cat is an individu.

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