Northern Thailand

the north of Thailand

Discover the north of Thailand and discover the best time and place to visit. What can't you do in Northern Thailand? The north of Thailand borders on Myanmar and Laos as well as on the central plain and Isaan. If you travel by train through the central plains, there is no doubt when you reach northern Thailand: somewhere between Uttaradit and Den Chai, you will experience the coolest things that central and northern Thailand has to offer. Journey from Bangkok to Sukhothai, Lampang and Chiang Mai on this picturesque tour through Northern Thailand.

Top 7 Sights in Northern Thailand

Though Northern Thailand is suffering from a terrible shortage of isles - it is enclosed and hilly - the area is still at the top of the favourites lists where to go in Thailand. Most of the best places in Northern Thailand have a good charisma. The cultural inspiration of Lanna, Shan, Karen and other tribal communities in the area provides a much more friendly environment than in the North.

In the Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos come together, it is no longer only producing opie. The somewhat colder weather allows you to indulge in some of the delights that are sometimes hard to find elsewhere in the country: genuine coffees, teas, vineyards as well as straight fruit. There are even larger feasts in the northern part.

The Loi Krathong/Yi Peng (with heavenly lamps and candlelight boats) and Songkran (the Thai New Year festival of the Battle of the Water) are more enthusiastically acclaimed than anywhere else....MORE in Thailand. Remark: Although Isan - Thailand's biggest area - comprises 20 large counties bordering Laos and Cambodia, due to culture difference it is regarded as " North-East Thailand " and not " North Thailand ".

Every debate about interesting places in northern Thailand must begin with the northern capitol Chiang Mai. The majority of tourist attractions are in the immediate vicinity of the town. Chang-mai (pronounced: "ch-ae-ng mye") means "New City" in the Lanna langue. The New Town, why? In 1296 Chiang Mai took over the work of Chiang Rai as capitol.

The old town of Chiang Mai is a perfectly square....MORE with all the defences necessary to become the 13th district of Chiang Mai. There are many beautiful finds in the maze of bewildering roads and arcades inside the old town - among them a high temple population. Several of the most interesting places in Chiang Mai are outside the old town, in the immediate vicinity of the roller coaster.

Though Bangkok may have 100x as many opportunities, Chiang Mai just feel better. Unlike Bangkok, you can probably reach it on foot in a few short walking mins. No local transport is required. Chiang Mai is home to a large group of local businesses and expatriates who call themselves "digital nomads". Although dial-up modem calls for connection and on-line work was not possible, Chiang Mai appealed to the artist, writer and long-term traveller who wanted to drop anchor a while.

Thailand's travel capitol, carrying human tattoos and carrying elephants' trousers. In spite of the many drawings of Chiang Mai, the big mammals and the never-ending intercourse that surrounds the trench can sometimes become too much. Just under four hrs south of Chiang Mai, Pai is a much smaller, cooler, riverfront alternative to get away from it all. Travellers of all budget and nationality stuff themselves into mini-vans to see Pai.

Somehow, despite the magnitude, the backpacker-oriented nighlife is raging later than that of Chiang Mai. Chiang Rai is an abnormality among the places in northern Thailand. It is certainly smaller than Chiang Mai with only 75,000 inhabitants. However, the town is full of trade, academia and everyday activities - which unfortunately also brings with it a lot of transport.

The majority of visitors are attracted to Chiang Rai for a brief stay, not least thanks to the stunning works of Thawan Duchanee and Chalermchai Kositpipat, two well-known Thai artist. Once you've enjoyed your contribution to the town, you can flee to the tranquil Khun Korn Forest Park, just 45 mins away to chill under a cascade.

Chalermchai' s other well-known work is the gold belltower by Chiang Rai, which stands in a traffic circle in the centre of the city. Unveiling in 2008 as a homage to the King of Thailand, the bell towers come to life every single second.

There are no air deflectors here, but you'll just think you've just been dragged into Walt Disney World for a few mikes! Tip for visitors: Don't expectations that Chiang Rai is a quiet flight from Chiang Mai, otherwise you might be disillusioned! Though you have to dare more than 1,000 turns, turns and cuts on the six-hour ride from Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son is definitely one of the best places in northern Thailand.

Mae Hong Son is home to many of Burma's population. Seclusion is both a benediction and a bane; Mae Hong Son is not often taken up in travel routes to northern Thailand. Mae Hong Son Loop is a 4-5 day tour that is very much appreciated by motorcyclists. The Mae Hong Son has all the pleasant possibilities of the other places in northern Thailand: temple, water falls, night market, cave and trek to the mountain people's village.

Situated about 90 min from Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao is the place for scenic lime rocks and Thailand's third highest peak, Doi Chiang Dao (7,135 feet). Though it is hardly a stone when compared to the Himalayan mountains in Asia, Chiang Dao is the first place for birdwatching in Thailand.

It is situated near the Pha Daeng National Park, an area known for its treks through a less humid environment than the remainder of Thailand. Lampang hides among the other lesser-known places in northern Thailand and remains fairly low on the tourist radar. Lampang is one of the most famous places in northern Thailand.

Maybe it's because Lampang is situated just below Chiang Mai (90 minutes) and not in the northern part like Pai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son. Lampang isn't exactly a drowsy place. It is the third biggest city in Northern Thailand. Night busses and train services between Bangkok and Chiang Mai often stop in Lampang - right on the roadside.

The one thing that makes Lampang "different" is that there are no stuttering tuk-tuks that clog the highways. The Lampang is the last true place in Thailand where horse-drawn coaches are still a "thing", but they are in retreat. Lampang is best visited on Saturday or Sunday when the week-end fair is in full bloom.

A lot of turists - Thais and Westerns - are attracted to Lampang by the only state elephants camps in Thailand. When Doi Chiang Dao was not big enough for you, you can hike to the highest summit of Thailand, the Doi Inthanon. Inthanon Doi is situated about two hrs westward of Chiang Mai.

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