Northern Shan state Map

Shan State Northern Map

A detailed road map of the Northern Shan State Trekking (Hsipaw). Natung Cho Township, Kyaukme District, Shan State, Myanmar. ) is a state of Myanmar. An introduction to Shan State Local Governance Mapping. South Shan States & Karenni.

Myanmar: Latest expulsion in northern Shan State (from 16 March 2016) - Myanmar

At the beginning of March 2016, the ongoing fighting in various parts of Shan State resulted in the displacement of more than 1,300 new refugees last weekend following the fighting north of Kutkai. More than 600 IDPs in Nam Hpet Kar are estimated by charitable organizations, with more arrivals every day. Another 700 refugees escaped to the town of Mong Yu Lay, where they live with homestay and convents, who provide first aid.

Last month's clash had already left more than 4,200 refugees in Kyaukme township, more than 3,000 of whom were able to go home. Another 1,200 refugees were driven to Mong Wee, Namhkan Township, where 1,100 are still living. In 2016, the patterns of violent conflicts, demographic shifts, repatriations and resettlements continue to shape the conflict-affected municipalities in Shan State and the overall picture is still bleak.

United Nations and its partner agencies are continuing to work in close cooperation with the competent agencies and human rights organisations to provide human aid to those who have been forced to flee and are affected by the wars.

A detailed road map of the Northern Shan State Trekking (Hsipaw)

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