North Thailand Map

Map of Northern Thailand

The double-sided laminated map covers Thailand's rugged northwestern border along the Burmese border. If you are creating your route, it is a good idea to go north first. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is a kingdom. Thailand was later influenced by the South Indian Pallava Dynasty and the North Indian Gupta Empire. Map of the Province of Chiang Mai, Northern Region, Thailand.


North Thailand is in stark contrast to the bustling town of Bangkok and the high-energy bathing areas of the southern hemisphere. Our primary goal is the old capitol of the North Kingdoms "Lanna", Chiang Mai. In Chiang Mai there are many plants for the production of silk, lacquer goods, sterling, silk, lacquer, silk and other handicrafts.

Accommodation is available in the immediate vicinity of the bar. Further beloved places in the north are the smaller towns Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son. It is the gate to the "Golden Triangle". Thai-airways fly to both airports, but often via Chiang Mai.

You will find tour operators that offer hiking trips in all the larger towns in the north. Here is a selection of the most important places of interest in northern Thailand. On the map above you can see that many of these places of interest are along a line north of Bangkok. It makes sense to have the opportunity to stay up to one night in each town before going on to the next.

To a certain extent Chiang Rai has superseded Chiang Mai as a chill-out location. Both towns are almost the same old, but the story of Chiang Rai is not as obvious as that of Chiang Mai. However, there are some interesting places in the area that make Chiang Rai an ideal starting point for the exploration of the "Golden Triangle".

May Sai The northernmost city in Thailand, right on the Burma frontier. One of the few government checkpoints, the city is a good place to look for Myanmar goods such as jad, lacquer goods, etc. Chaang-Zaen About 20 leagues from Chiang Rai, on the bank of the Maekong, this 14th c. city still has some interesting remains.

The old city of Kamphaeng Phet was built during the 13th c. period of the Empire of Sukhothai. The Kamphaeng Phet is a good place to stay if you go to Chiang Mai. Laminfoon is only a few steps away from Chiang Mai. It is easy to take during a full outing from Chiang Mai.

Between Chiang Mai and Lamphun there are also several handicraft towns, so that you can do some purchases besides Sightseeeing. This 12th c. sanctuary has a nice big chi in the "Hariphunchai"-style. Situated in Mae Hong Son Town The major feature of Mae Hong Son is its position.

Situated high up in the hills on the Burma frontier, the city is a cold haven far from the pack. Sukhothai, a rather small city, now has its own international airports. When you are looking for another place to stay for a few nights, you can settle down in one of the many new establishments and explore Thailand's first capital.

Historical Park The 13th c. K├Ânigreich Sukhothai is regarded as the first Thai empire. Srik Satchanalai This is an attractive picket of the Sukhothai Empire between some mound.

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