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Nordburma Travel

Hiking in northern Myanmar, Putao Myanmar, Kachin State. The northernmost state of Myanmar, the Kachin state, borders China and India and offers snow-capped mountains and an extraordinary landscape on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. The train starts in Lashio in the north and most tourists board at Hsipaw. Northwest is India and northeast is China. Then we drive north to drive along the glassy waters and the hauntingly beautiful Inle Lake.

from the south to the north

We' re half way through our trip in Myanmar (Burma) and until Bagan we thought we had a good grasp of the land in general..... Southwards we went to the city of Mandalay and northwards to the city of Mandalay. In the first half we travelled through Kyaikto, Yangon, Pyay, Magway and then to the north of Bagan.

Cultures were similar, transportation was simple and lives were good..... And then Bagan passed. You would think Bagan and Mandalay are the places to work with the most, but that's not the case. First, Bagan is difficult to get, inexpensive and OK transportation from the..... In Mandalay, where most visitors stay more hours, there is simply nothing of southern cultur.

Certainly they' re kind, but they' re also trying to get you out of every single dime you have. In New Bagan, when we remained, there was no true indigenous cultural life in comparison to other places we had been. In Bagan the choice of meals is bad and overpriced and although we were only in Mandalay for one whole days, I start to think the same!

However, it was not nearly as satisfactory and good as the regional breweries in the south. And not only that, it was lacking in attention and friendly ambience and was overpriced (the place is named Hunters - if you want a westerly kitchen, which is worth it, because there is hardly any other option in Mandalay's city centre).

At the end of this journey we will probably come to the decision that you should stay away from the north part? Say you want to go to Bagan. Food s that are not overpriced and transportation is faster and cheaper. My advice: don't pay attention to the folks who leave now before it's too late. No.

This is because you will see parts of a land that are not traveled often, and you will get pleasant treatments and easy travel. Cultures there will be changing in the next 5-10 years and soon it will be too soon. Yangon has the best cuisine in the land, unbelievable colorful houses that have gone into a wonderful city decline.

Tranquil and great afternoon tea at The Strand, old-fashioned Myanmar beers (!), Bamar-Chinese food with a view of the Irawaddy right on Strand Road. and Mandalay the same. It' also a disgrace, because apart from Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake, many see little else.

However, can we say that a land is characterized by thousands of years ago edifices, a mountain-yard lake and a town that has disappeared? Checking something on a checklist is enjoyable and everything, but choose at least one place on your trip that is not on the top of your guide's Wiki Travel comps.

And get your butt to Burma, because the vast bulk of it is bloody amazing!

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