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Bagan to Inle Lake is a journey that many travellers make in Myanmar, although some go in the opposite direction and others via Mandalay. Coming from Bagan you can take a bus to Shwenyaung, which is on the motorway north of the lake. Irrawaddy River or Ayeyarwady River runs from north to south through Burma (Myanmar). Health travel information for people travelling abroad from the UK. Journey to Burma and discover a land of mythical landscapes, ancient treasures and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

North Myanmar Excursions

Situated on the Irrawaddy River, Bhamo was once the main city of the Shan state of Manmaw and its close vicinity (40 miles) to the China frontier made it an important trading centre with the Yunnan region. Lake Indawgyi is one of the biggest lake in Southeast Asia and is situated in the Kachin state of Myanmar.

It is about 8 nautical mile from the northwest and about 15 nautical mile from the northwest. Mytitkyina, the main city of Kachin State, is Myanmar's northernmost rail transit station, about 919-mile from Yangon and 487-mile from Mandalay. Most of the tourists come by plane and many of them go straight to Bhamo to take a boat trip on the Irrawaddy River.

Undiscovered North

Myanmar's most northerly state, Kachin State, is bordered by China and India and offers snow-capped peaks and an exceptional landscape on the east side of the Himalayas. Hiking trips are offered in Kachin state from the north of Putao to discover one of the last great wilderness in the state.

The Myanmar authorities require a specific permit to travel to the area. It is possible to combine this adventure alone, with a flight or as part of an adventure trip. Below are some of our favourite holidays or we can tailor routes for you.....

South-North Myanmar two-week itinerary

Featuring a democratic regime that is gradually displacing the old army regime, the weather of change has attracted more Western travellers who were curious to see what former Burma was concealing behind its now extinct silent siding. Myanmar's emigration may have been a boon to travellers. With the long chilly seasons in the Philippines, the current Myanmar journey is less pre-packaged and more genuine than more popular Southeast Asian resorts such as Thailand and Vietnam.

Things are not ideal; Myanmar's minority groups are still under attack, and pals with armed ties still run many tourism-related operations. However, more small and medium-sized tourist companies and a burgeoning base representation in the domestic tourist industry mean that a journey through the countryside is no longer an ethic no'.

This is a two-week journey that begins in Yangon in southernmost Myanmar and continues by coach to the ancient city of Bagan....MORE then by plane to the hills of Pindaya before taking the road and ferry to Inle Lake before another long coach journey to the former imperial city of Mandalay, your last stop before departure.

A few hints for first-time travellers are given on the next page before we start our voyage. When you first visit Myanmar, follow these recommendations to make your stay in Myanmar a little bit more convenient. Transporting you to the main Myanmar attractions is much simpler than you think. The majority of travellers arrive via one of Myanmar's major airport; this author used the geographical location of Yangon and Mandalay Airport to plot the route from east to west that you are currently studying.

Meanwhile you can travel through Myanmar's local airport, take the night-trip from town to town by coach, take a creaking Yangon to Mandalay rail or take a boat trip on the powerful Irrawaddy River. Myanmar's arid but chilly October-February climate makes it a pleasant experience.

Burma is a third-world nation with strong ties to neighbouring Thailand and China. Myanmar, like Thailand, has a wealth of sanctuaries; they too have similar laws of label, and the Buddha in Myanmar represses the king in Thailand as the one character of power that must never be disregarded.

Burma is not a wild West; the natives are kind (almost a mistake) as long as one respects their cultures and religions. Please adhere to these security hints to make sure you remain on the good side of the people. Don't run the risks of bill shocks when flying home; don't roam over your old Myanmar telephone networks when travelling through Myanmar.

Myanmar's crunching but functioning telecom system can be used by purchasing a single phone key from one of several service providers. On the subject of invoices, Myanmar's money is the Kyoto (pronounced chat), which can be changed quite simply in many touristic cities. You will find many ATM machines in some unexpected places, such as this ATM in the shade of the Shwedagon pit in Yangon.

We begin with the former Myanmar capitol, Yangon, the location of the country's largest global airfield. It was the capitol of Britain's former Burma colonization; after several centuries as the capitol of the then" Rangoon" sovereigns of Myanmar relocated to the inner cities of Naypyidaw, where they transferred most of the messages and governmental agencies.

Yangon is one of the most important towns in Myanmar, thanks to its historical architectural heritage, its culture and its transport connections to the remainder of the land and the rich. The sights in and around Yangon mirror the centuries-long histories of the Mon empires that have established the town' s icons, the Shwedagon Pagoda.

If you have visited Lake Kandawgyi and its swimming restaurants, the historical UK Empire-style edifices around Mahabandula Park and touristic sights outside the town such as the Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock and Taukkyan War Cemetery, end your trip....MORE with an evening at the Bogyoke Aung San Market - you can collect a Longgyi, the local Myanmar's folk costume, and other interesting memorable mementaries.

Travel, travel: This author came from Kuala Lumpur and landed at Yangon International Airport via AirAsia. From Yangon I drove through the two-hour transport to the suburban coach station Aung Mingalar (Google Maps), where I took a night coach to Bagan, our next stop. Accommodation in Yangon:

He was fortunate enough to call the classical beach hotel in Yangon home for the brief period he spent in the former capitol. We have only four working day for this route for the Bagan town, but it is certainly definitely going to be rewarding for a whole weeks or more if you want to discover the area' s area!

Outlived Buddhist stupas in Bagan are about 2,200, remaining of a high number of about 10,000 in Bagan's time. It was erected by believing Buddhists of the pagan kingdom who captured most of present-day Myanmar between the ninth and thirteenth century AD.

In order to maximise reporting in my day in Bagan, this author chose a rental vehicle guidebook pack that allowed us to see more than a decade of temple sites in just two working day. When you are under pressure, you can select whether you only want to see the Bagan Temple, including the Htilominlo Temple and the Shwezigon Temple.

No matter how long you remain, try to end each and every night in one of these Bagan temple with a spectacular sundown - for this author, nothing more than the sundown over the Irrawaddy from a bass on the Shwesandaw temple. You can rent a cab from the Shwe Pyi Highway bus station in Bagan (Google Maps) to take you to your accommodation (or make an appointment to pick you up in advance).

Your rented transportation will stop at a stand by the side of the road before you enter Old Bagan, so you can buy a temporary pass for use in leapfrog. From Bagan we went directly to the airport Nyaung-U for a brief fly to Pindaya. Accommodation in Bagan: I' ve booked my room at the Aureum Palace Hotel in Bagan for the time of my stop.

The Aureum Palace Hotel is known for its well-equipped dining room and indoor heated pools overlooking the tempe level, as well as its lookout overlooking the dry plains of the former pagan kingdom. Invited by the Thahara Pindaya (one of the first beds and breaks in Myanmar), this author made a brief excursion to the mountain city of Pindaya.

Tealeaves, veggies and flowers of the sun are growing on the Pindaya hill, almost as far as the eyes can see, and are broken by the sporadic farm house and the drive. Situated at an altitude of over 3,800 ft above the surface, Pindaya provides a chilly stark contrasting to the arid temperatures of Bagan.

It is possible to rent a bike to discover the landscape or go to the city to discover the area. In Pindaya I went to a shop where Shan women made mulberry papers from the ground up and then turned them into parasols, compartments and stationary; the Plan Bee Bee Bee Beekeeping Centre, which makes hive bees waxes, bees wax cartridges and balsams; the Pone Taloke Sea in the centre of the city; and the Myoma Market for inexpensive gifts and groceries.

We were also taken by our Thahara family on a two-hour trip to the near-by city of Poila, where two very old buildings stand....MORE Despite the devastation of the time: a British-inspired mansion owned by a former Shan Mayor; and a historic timber building that must be over 200 years old.

In Pindaya there is a landmark: the Shwe Oo Min Cave, which lies in a hill with a view of the city of Pindaya. From Bagan airport I arrived at Heho airport, where my boss was expecting me with a rental vehicle. In Pindaya there is no means of transport - I either had to use the Thahara' s bike or rent a vehicle.

From Pindaya, the same vehicle took me to my next stop, Nyaung Shwe, the ascent point to Inle Lake. Accommodation in Pindaya: Thahara is one of the newer accommodation in Pindaya and one of the most costly; you will find less costly accommodation near the city of Pindaya. True hard-core backpack tourists hike for a whole weekend from Kalaw to Inle Lake (one of our top 10 hikes in Southeast Asia).

We will have to make a stop in Pindaya and a brief trip to Nyaung Shwe (Jumpoff Point to Inle Lake). The Nyaung Shwe is a relaxed backpackers city with an old sanctuary and small, stuffy alleys surrounded by cheap hotel and restaurant buildings. It is not even large enough to have its own coach terminal; Yangon and Mandalay busses can accommodate the passenger while parking on the road.

Nyaung Shwe Canal Dock is the traveller's first water experience: a thirty to forty minute drive to one of the Inle Lake towns will take you past swimming pools and the famed Inya-fishers. If you live in Nyaung Shwe or in a lake-side town, you need to rent a speed boat to explore the area - there is a lot to do around Inle Lake, from the shops (their....MORE silverwork, silk, knifes and wood carvings are certainly rewarding a demanding view) to the visit of indigenous couples like Hpaung Daw U, home of a series of wonderful Buddha-figurines.

Inle Lake, the author's particular favorite: Burma's protected area, where cats lovers try to re-introduce the Myanmar cats to their country of birth. The Nyaung Shwe is an important stop for travellers from (and to) Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay. You will need to rent a ferry from Nyaung Shwe to take you to and around Inle Lake.

Accommodation in Inle Lake: Inle Lake, a social luxurious destination that also houses the above-mentioned Burma Cats Reserve and a professional training college for Myanmar youth who want to enter on the groundfloor of Myanmar's thriving tourism sector.

Their final stop in Myanmar takes them to the home of the country's kingdynasty. Mandalay, which has been constructed around a huge quadratic building, now home mainly to Myanmar's armed forces, remains one of the most vibrant towns in the land and is home to the Shan State's busy railway stations and airports.

A lot of travellers from Bagan choose a slower ferry from the Mandalay dock. Inside the cityscape you can see monuments connected with living buddhistic practices, such as the Kuthodaw Pagoda (where the world's biggest Buddha canon is located, a solid copy of the Buddha Pali canon), the Mahamuni Sanctuary, where a gold-covered Buddha picture of the Buddha himself is said to have been resurrected, the Shwenandaw Convent, a former king's residence that was rebuilt into a convent, and the Goldbeater workshop at the crus ade of the thirty sixth and seventeenth century.

Amarapura's former imperial capitol has since....MORE of Mandalay's resettlement, but remains of its former splendour are preserved - including the U Bein Bridges, the longest wooden deck in the history of telecommunications, allegedly built from the remains of the former telecommunications building that was left when it moved to Mandalay.

Don't exit Mandalay without a stop at the Mandalay Royal Palace. There is a flight to Mandalay from one of the few Myanmar airport, as well as train and coach connections. Because of the expansion of the town, it is hard to walk around; it is better to use a cab or motorcycle cab to go there.

Coming from Mandalay I took an AirAsia trip from the airfield connecting me to Bangkok, Thailand, and finished the trip at 15 days. Overnight in Mandalay: I was staying at the Hotel Sedona Mandalay, directly opposite the ditch and the Mandalay Palace mural. You will find more accommodations in our five hotspots in Mandalay.

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