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Northern Burma

The pariahs of Asia were Andray Abrahamian, Choson Exchange Myanmar and North Korea. The most mysterious and tragic stories in Asia are North Korea and Myanmar (Burma). North Korea and Myanmar (Burma) are two of the most difficult stories in Asia. To absorb and control: How North Korea reacts to economic sanctions. North Korean military officials appear to be working in underground facilities in Myanmar.

Korea and Myanmar: Different ways - Andray Abrahamian

Nordkorea and Myanmar (Burma) are the most enigmatic and tragical tales in Asia. Burma was threatened internally: rebel groups collided with the Burmese authorities and with each other. North Korea was external: an enemy super power - the United States - and a much more effective competitor - South Korea - occupies half of the Korea-Penninsula. In the course of the years, Myanmar vanquished its foes and allowed it to investigate a kind of democratisation and open-mindedness that has lead to re-integration into the world community.

Meanwhile, North Korea's regimes believe that its atomic weapons stockpile - the main cause for their paria state - is essential for the country's continued existence.

Burma distributes North-Korea restaurateur personnel

Myanmar's administration reports that it has ordered the closure of the famed North Korea food court in Yangon and deported its employees after the United States asked Myanmar to comply with UN Security Council sanction against North Korea. "The eviction of DPRK (North Korean) workers working at the DPRK Yangon DPRK restaurants is part of the UN Security Council resolution in Myanmar," said Aryani Manring, the US Embassy's Deputy Speaker for the U.S. Department of Defense in Yangon, Irrawaddy.

On May 31, a Bahan community officer on Burma's BBC television station said the immigration office had closed the place more than two month ago. Myanmar's closure follows a number of steps that show that it is obviously on the side of the United States in its decade-long dispute with North Korea.

Myanmar evicted in June 2017 a North Korea official by the name of Kim Chol Nam, who was allegedly an employee of the Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation (KOMID), which is subject to Security Council penalties because it is a conduit for North Korea's weapons export. MYANMAR' s deportation was recorded in its first progress reports on North Korea, which the administration presented to the United Nations in October 2017.

Burma & North Korea Christmas

Accompany YPT on our second Christmas trip to Myanmar and join the Pyongyang New Year! Myanmar, also known as Burma, was long regarded as a para-state insulated from the outside world. The tourist industry is still a growth industry, as Myanmar receives fewer tourists than all its neighbors in the area.

In combination with one of the least frequented destinations in the hemisphere, North Korea, you have an unforgettable Christmas and New Year celebration. From Yangon, the former capitol and the biggest and liveliest town in the state. On New Year's Eve we begin the night with a few pubs and then hang out with local and foreigners in "The Diplo" and then drive to Kim Il Sung Square to see the fireworks!

On our chilly trip we visited the mausoleum, took the Pyongyang Metro, visited the Korean War Museum.... and what better way to begin the New Year than to meet the CPA soldiers in the German Democratic Republic (DMZ) to listen to an account of the partition of the two Koreas. On our trip we have particular entrance to a Mil Mi-17 aircraft, which is available for a singular round trip by the capitol Pyongyang.

We have scheduled an additional night in this trip for the same costs as a five days normal one! Don't spend any of your precious free minutes, make your reservation now and make sure you have your place for a unique New Year's Eve!

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