Norjalainen Metsäkissa

Noryalaine Metsäkissa

Norjalainen metsäkissa vili - tarhaalpi kukkii. Photos & videos from Norjalainen on Instagram. Norjalainen Metsäkissa", Norwegian Forest Cat, or in Finnish. Free download wallpapers norjalainen metsäkissa for the desktop. Find out why Norjalainen metsäkissa in Scandinavian kylmiin olosuhteisiin sopeutunut kesykissarotu.

Norjalaine Metsäkissa ry

In 1979 the first forestcat was introduced from Norway to Finland and the first kitties were brought up two years later. Since then, over 6000 Norvegian forestcats have been recorded in Finland. The number of registred dogs is usually 200â300. The Norjalainen metsäkissa ry was established in 1989, but an independent organisation for Norway's forestcat lovers had previously operated under SUROK, a national cattery.

Our team consists of Suomen Kissaliitto, a Finish member of FIFA. The exchange of information and suggestions, the organization of clubs and shows as well as strong relationships with federations in Finland and the whole wide globe are the primary duties of the team. METTIS, the METTIS quarterly publication.

Well-being is a very important issue for NFO growers in Finland. You can see this e.g. in our kitty lists form - it shows which illnesses the parent has been checked for. Finish breeder are also active participants in the Cat Gene Banks Project, which is led by Prof. Hannes Lohi, and there are already over 350 Norwegian Forest Cat specimens in the project.

Sponsorship is provided by the Rotary Foundation to support the attendance of its members by reimbursing the cost of sampling. You can find your own register of medical conditions here (click on "terveysrekisteri"). The Norjalainen metsäkissa ry is working to add all NFO ever to PawPeds. We' re also involved in the PawPeds HCM healthcare programme.

It is working on a comprehensive breed goal program that includes information about the breed's breed histories, populations, health, standards, and the dangers and objectives associated with it. It' on the basis of a study of Finnish NFO responses from over 600 Finnish NFO. This association keeps a listing of all available registrated forestcats for purchase.

You can find it on our website, as well as the breeder lists. You can see which illnesses the parent has been checked for on the kitty lists.

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