Norfolk Island

Northfolk Island

Everything your Norfolk Island vacation needs in one place. homepage James Cook was the first to formally explore Norfolk Island and call it "Paradise" - a phrase he did not use generously in his diaries. Between 1788 and 1854 this paradise became a hard penitentiary and home to unfortunate prisoners. Today it is the home of the Bounty mutineers' offspring, whose bare-footed manner, warmness, and warm welcome have been interwoven into the island's singular and eternal rhythms - a particular charme that always pulls the visitor back.

Northfolk Island Fishery | Australian Fisheries Management Authority (Australien)

Northfolk Island is an Australia outer area about 1500 km eastern of Brisbane, Queensland and 1100 km northern of Auckland, New Zealand. Fishing in this area consists of a coastal shelf/overhanging fishing and an exploration deep-sea fishing. Eastern bluefin seiners also address tunas and tuna-like fish in the off-shore water around Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island Offshore Demersal Finish Fishery is located 200 nm from Norfolk Island, with the exception of the Norfolk Island Inshore Fischery area and is adjacent to the New Caledonian EEZ to the west and the New Zealand EEZ to the west. Economic fisheries in this sector date back to the seventies, but have been occasional and have had varying degrees of impact.

At present there are no fisheries trade concessions available in this area. Research into fisheries and their resource has produced a number of pieces of information, but so far this has not been sufficient to identify the type of fisheries in progress. Norfolk Island Inshore fishery extends over an area of approximately 67 x 40 nm and has been conceived to cover all rack water around Norfolk Island.

In the coastal water of Norfolk Island there are currently no commercially available licences, although Norfolk Island inhabitants fish. Lehrinus is the main target specie of this fisheries and is the Red-crested Imperial (Lethrinus miniatus).

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