Non Democratic Country Myanmar

Non-democratic country Myanmar

The situation is similar in most non-democratic Asian countries. Burma, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Timor Leste. It was a British colony for over a century. Though individuals in non-democratic states may be aware of racial dif-. Myanmar adopted constitutional democracy after independence.

Established in 1988, the Indian Journal of Asian Affairs (IJAA) is an independant, peer-reviewed scientific magazine that will be released in June and December.

Established in 1988, the Indian journal of Indian Affaires (IJAA) is an independant, peer-reviewed scientific magazine that appears in June and December. It is dedicated to an impartial assessment of important present-day and topical matters in Asia and addresses thematic, societal, political, historical as well as societal questions from a broad spectrum of viewpoints and critiques within a multi-disciplinary context.

The IJAA is dedicated to conducting debates, dialogues and discourses in the areas of international affairs, defence, international affairs, international affairs, international affairs, security, international affairs, international affairs, peace, international affairs, international affairs, conflict management and international relations that have an impact on Asia and the rest of the globe. We welcome genuine papers, brief research memos and reviews from scientists, researchers and political analysis professionals from different disciplines and professions to bring out their groundbreaking concepts and inventive and productive approach to Asia's challenges and challenges.

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Problems faced by people in non-democratic countries Democratic politics

Problems faced by those in non-democratic countries: In undemocratic lands such as Chile, Myanmar, Pakistan, many empires and sheikdoms, etc., peoples are confronted with various problems. There is no room for the public to criticize the regime in non-democratic states. Undemocratic states are ruled by the sovereignty of the sovereign or so-called army sovereignty and the issue of the election does not arise.

There is no tolerance of oppositions in undemocratic states, so the issue of party politics, especially that of the opposing party, does not arise. The only survivors are the ruling factions that follow the government's line. It is not permitted for employees in undemocratic nations to establish their own trade unions. All in undemocratic lands are at the hands of the dictators or warlords.

No one can even aim for a large position in undemocratic states.

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