Nobody's Princess Series

No one''Princess Series

Nobody's Princess (Princesses of the Myth Series) by Esther Friesner, paperback I' ve grown up with the deities around me. It was because the deity Eos took her. It was Apollo's car, and the half-break moon was his sisters' arch. I was the first man to instruct me about Zeus, kingdom of deities; his Hera, kingdom of deities, who sacrificed the blessings of marriage;

his elder Poseidon, lord of the great oceans, and his other elder Hades, who dwelt and reigned the deceased deeply under the world.

However, most of her tales are about Demeter, the godsdess who gave us rich harvest. Although we should worship all deities the same, most men honor some deities more than others. And why should a fishermen make an effort to offer a offering to the armourer of the blacksmith of Hephaestu, the deity of the smithy, if he could pray to Poseidon for clear waters and full networks?

If a metal worker could ask for Hephaestus' blessings, why should he spend a lot of worshiping Poseidon? "I wept and stretched out to protect my little Goddess. Rather than fleecing the picture securely between my hands, I hit it off the desk and sent it to the ground. I was still crying because I didn't want any picture of the deity that someone else had taken.

And I wanted a sculpture that was my own godsdess. When I turned seven years old, I had found out that I was partially right about the deities. In the same way that some men liked one deity more than the other, some of us did not like certain deity. Tyndareus, my paternal, did not like Artemis, the deity of the sky, the hunting on the ground and the forces of darkness of magic out of the Netherworld.

It was an annual celebration when my mum, Leda, took a group of girls to the Artemis sanctuary and performed the offering while dancing and singing for the deity. This was the only sanctuary in all of Sparta where the Sovereign was worshiped alone and the Kings never established a foothold.

It was held in honour of a group of very important visitors, ambassadors from the archipelago of Ithaca. Sitting next to my mom, I listened to her tell one of our customers about the upcoming party. But he didn't really take much notice of the deity. "```What makes you say that, Lord Tyndareus?` asked one of the people.

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