Nimes Amphitheatre

Nîmes Amphitheatre

Nîmes Arena is a Roman amphitheatre in the French city of Nîmes. The amphitheatre of Nîmes, Les Arènes, built at the end of the first century AD, was built of stone and was mainly designed for the fights of the gladiators. Amphitheatre | Nîmes Arena, Square House, Magne Tower - Nîmes

Nîmes Amphitheatre is a prime example of the level of excellence achieved by Italian architects in the design and construction of this highly sophisticated work. She shows impeccable symmetry: 133 meters long and 101 meters broad, with an amphitheatre of 68 by 38 meters. The 21-metre high external facade consists of two storeys with 60 superposed archs and an loft divided by a ledge.

Predrilled bricks were placed at the top so that long bars could be suspended over the area. The amphitheatre is certainly larger, but this is the best one. The memorial was able to accommodate 24,000 visitors in 34 lines of patios in four different areas or manneniana.

Everyone was reached via a walkway and hundreds of staircases and corridors, the so-called vomitoria. This amphitheatre has been conceived so that everyone has an unobstructed look at the entire area. Below the stadium were several arteries, which were opened up by trapdoors and a lifting platform system. This allowed the ornamental effect, pets and gladiator to enter the stadium during the game.

The cove facing the city provided immediate entry to the lower terrace opposite the small end of the area. In contrast to the Rumanians the Nîmes-wolfess looks at the kids. Then you will see a demonstrative video of the fight between a Retiarius and a Secutor in the restored environment of the amphitheatre using Theâtre Optique technique.

"Colors of Corridas" In this section you will be able to experience the beauties and colors of the corridor-worlds. You will have the opportunity to better comprehend this traditional practise by allowing yourself to be fulfilled by the esthetic emotions of a corridor. You can see the splendid costume of the torero and matadore, genuine "suits of light" and full-length portaits of five renowned toreroes and the special passports of the corridors.

Watch the movies and you' ll find the ambience of a corridor on the occassion of the Nîmes Ferria and the worlds of Camargue racing, bullfights and horse corridors.

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