Nice Beaches in Myanmar

Beautiful beaches in Myanmar

The beaches of Manmar are untouched and beautiful: kilometres of white sandy beaches, lined with high coconut palms: You will find a few beautiful resorts that fit well into their surroundings. Myanmar's beach is very different from the beaches of Southeast Asia. The best beaches in Myanmar, photos & descriptions. Ngapali's main beach can be described as one of the best beaches in Southeast Asia.

Beaches for your Myanmar tour

Burma - Myanmar tournaments only lure through the old Temples of Myanmar, but Myanmar is also a good place for those who enjoy the beaches and watching the sundown. The Ngapali is one of Myanmar's most popular attractions and the most scenic one.

The sandy Ngapali is a nice sandy spot overlooking the Bay of Bengal. It' renowned for its unspoilt nature and unspoilt nature. It is a 3 km long sandy stretch under palm groves. It has a wonderful backdrop of nature with clear water, clear sands and calm sands.

The seawater is clear, platinum-blue and free of harmful sea creatures. One of the most fascinating places in Myanmar, Ngapali Beach is also one of the most untouched beaches in the Indian Ocean, with clear crystalline beaches of clear crystalline powder.

Ngapali also offers a wide range of seaside pursuits such as visits to small fishermen's towns and small market towns, exploration of the landscape by bicycle and boating trips to wonderful islets. The Ngapali is the best place in Myanmar not only for relaxation and travel, but also for the study of the lives of its people.

No industry and rubbish, no rubbish problems along the beautiful beaches. Some 18-hole golf players are only 15 min away by road from the resort to transport the tastes of golf on the shore. By air Ngapali is about 45 min. from Yangon, by road about 14 hrs. along the Rakhine Yoma Mountains.

The Ngwe Saung Beach is located approx. 48 km from Pathein in the Ayeyarwaddy area, approx. 190 km from Yangon on the western coastline of the Bengal area. You will find 15 km of unspoilt beaches of fine whitewashed sands along the shores of the ocean, breathtaking landscapes of long palms and long whitewashed beaches, clear waters, near isles and palms.

The Ngwe Saung becomes an irresistable magnet for marine people. It is a clear and safe place for sunbathing, windsurfing, swimming and sunbathing.

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