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There you can book tickets. The buses to Ngwe Saung usually depart from Dagon Ayar bus station in the township of Hlaing. Busses will take you to the village of Ngwe Saung, where you will probably be confronted with a number of tugs offering hotel rooms. Buses from Ngwe Saung to Yangon depart in the morning from the bus companies' ticket shops in the middle of Ngwe Saung.

Ngwe Saung Strand Return Express Ticket (2+2) - Dream Discovery Shop

The following international airlines are available, check-in 30 min before take-off..... If you have any, you can specify your preferred delivery routes in the order in the comment for the article. As this is a general ticket coupon, availibility depends on the delivery and we will verify and deliver on the basis of the above mentioned delivery line and your preferences as indicated in the article note.

Eventually it may differ from your preferences. Express Bus will collect and return all travelers at Ngwe Saung Beach. Return (Ngwe Saung Beach to Yangon) is available for up to 3 overnight stays in Ngwe Saung. Expres takes additional hours to collect and return at Ngwe Saung Beach.

As soon as the date is approved, cancellations and rebooking depend on the expressed gatepost policies. All we need is your pass number, your full name as in your pass and the date of your ticket. This is mentioned in the comment to the article.

Maesot Myawaddy Journey

The Ngwe Saung Beaches are situated in a small town in Pathein, Myanmar, in the Irawaddy area. The Ngwe Saung is the longest section of silver sandy beaches with clear waters. The Ngwe Saung is less overcrowded and a little more expensive than the neighbouring Chaungtha Strand. Bigger and more hotels with a nice sight of the setting sun are definitely a worthwhile travel.

The Ngwe Saung Beaches is an hour's car ride from Chaung tha Beaches, opposite the Bay of Bengal. It' also a five-hour ride on the Yangon-Pathein-Chaung Tha Highway. There are 9 beaches. The Ngwe Saung Beaches is an ideal retreat where you can go swimming, snorkelling and diving or just relaxing on the untouched golden sands.

Ngwe Saung means Burmese Silberstrand and is a precise representation of its area. It is a heaven on land with it´s astonishing scenery with coconut palms and remote islets like Lovers Island, where you can lie on the beaches and hear the calm sounds of the sea and it´s just a brief stroll along a sandy trail away from the beaches.

The elephant camps are located 16 km from the Ngwe Saung beaches, where the elephants are kept daily from 8 am to 12 noon and after they have been discharged into the woods. You can snorkel in the sea, where there is a wide range of colourful fish, if you want to get nearer to the beachs.

The Ngwe Saung beaches are a great place to unwind with a scenic look at the beaches. It is a long, nice sandy area with a luxurious residence. Châung-tha is 40 km western of Pathein in the Ayeyarwady Division, only 5 hour ride from Yangon via Pathein. When you reach the shore, you can savour the pleasant breezes that cross the long, widening horizons of the seas.

Because it is relatively cheaper than the nearby Ngwesaung and Ngapali beach, Chaungtha is also more overcrowded than the two more costly and better looked after one. The name Chaungtha comes from the small brook (Chaung) that flows in the west part of the town. Chaungtha Pleasant is the Burmese word for Pleasant Sight.

One of the big attractions is a small Kyauk-Pahto Puagoda, which was erected on a block of lime stone at the south end of the rock. Thebyu Island and Phokala Island pride themselves on their lovely sandy and whitewashed shores. The Pokala Island is particularly nice, and only a brief motorbike ride away from the road to the sea. It has an area of 2.5 square kilometers with about 200 inhabitants, mainly fishers.

The pagoda mound offers views of other surrounding islets, particularly Hnget-Taung Karun (Bird Feather Island) and The Phyu Kyan (White Sand Island), as well as Chaung 777a Strand with its scenic hotels and the Kyauk-Pahto pagoda on Mathestrand. Yangon's closest shore, Chaung Tha, is the best.

Coaches depart from Yangon every day. They don't need much meticulous attention to Chaung Tha. It' about 7 hrs from Yangon city centre. Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, one of the world-famous exceptional places of worship, is situated in the Kyaikhtyo Town Ship in the state of Mon. It is 160 km from Yangon. When you want to take the train, you can buy your ticket with ease.

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