Ngwe Saung Beach Resort Myanmar

Myanmar Ngwe Saung Beach Resort

Myanmar Ocean Blue Ngwe Saung Beach Hotel: You can book The Emerald Sea Resort, Ngwe Saung on TripAdvisor: Ngwe Saung Myanmar Treasure Resort. The Emerald Sea Resort is located in Ngwesaung and offers an outdoor pool and a restaurant. Real Estate Location When you stay at the Grand Ngwe Saung Resort in Ngwe Saung, you are on the beach and just a few steps from Ngwesaung Beach.

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Recreation and breakfasts..... - Re-capping The Palm Beach Resort, Ngwe Saung, Myanmar

We' ve been to many of Nwe Saung's properties, and Palm Beach is by far the best family-friendly beach resort. Areas overgrown with grass are ideal for walking and the swimming pools with a view of the beach are the centre of town. Employees are astonishing, as are most facilities in Myanmar. Unfortunately, there are quad bikes and motorcycles on the beach that travel up to 80 kilometres an hours all around the beach, often getting too near to humans.

When you don't care to look both ways before you walk from the motel to the beach, hear the bicycles and smell the vapors, this is still an astonishing place to go and spend the night. Of course, the bicycles are not the hotel's doing, but that will definitely keep us from coming back.

Rooms Tip: When you have the money, go to the beach.

Vacation in Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung is a seaside resort about 170 leagues from Yangon and 22 leagues northeast of Pathein and can be accessed by 5 hours by road from Yangon via the Irrawaddy Delta. You can also take the 20-minute plane from Yangon to Pathein, from where the Ngwe Saung Beach is served by the Ngwe Saung Beach shuttles.

Ngwe Saung Beach's pristine sandy beach provides beach activities ranging from swim, windsurf ing and snorkeling and is the perfect getaway for those looking for a tranquil, frantic outing. Beyond the hotel activity is local and the selection of dining is confined to those in the main town offering shellfish and local cuisine.

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