Ngwe Saung Beach Resort

The Ngwe Saung Beach Resort

Dining out near the Palm Beach Resort, Ngwe Saung on TripAdvisor: Palm Beach Resort, Ngwe Saung: You will be thrilled by the green landscape and the view around the beach. The best Ngwe Saung Beach Hotels on TripAdvisor: SÃ¥ung Village, on a hill opposite the Yanomar Oo and Silver View Resorts.

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Locate a budget accommodation in Ngwe Saung Beach! There is an outside swimmingpool and views to the ocean. Each bungalow has a sitting area to sit and unwind after a strenuous rest with a view of the swimming pools and/or the sees. In this resort you can rent motorcycles and the area is very loved for cyclists.

It was inaugurated in December 2017. Situated directly on the beach, just to the south of Ngwe Saung. Untouched shores, away from the crowds. Our bungalow-style rooms are individually decorated and have a wonderful view of the sea in a landscaped area. There is a 24-hour welcome desk, freshwater bathing area with a children's area, as well as a snackbar.

Complimentary use of beach and indoor sunshades and bedding.

The Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, Ngwe Saung

Marvellous pristine beaches of fine sand and the crystalline water of the Indian Sea, with its dense wooded slopes behind, make the ideal setting for those looking for luxuries in a peaceful and untouched setting. The Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, Ngwe Saung is an imposing and expansive beachfront site that offers accommodations ranging from comfortably furnished rooms to large pool and sea front villas, exquisitely furnished with all the comforts of home.

Surrounded by the spacious premises and amenities of the resort, the resort impresses recurring travelers. It is one of the beautiful things about this sport that it does not overkill. It is important to keep this in mind when going on a trip in the back of your head.

In Ngwe Saung you can rent a Jetski for an exiting adventure and the best time on the sea. Banana Boat Cruise is definitely the action you don't want to miss when you are in Ngwe Saung. The Banana Boat is one of the most famous aquatic experiences and great for any member of the Banana Boat crew. It is a great way for a group to take an thrilling, speed-induced trip.

Hop on our dinghy and have more enjoyment than you ever had before.

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