Ngwe Saung Beach Myanmar

Myanmar Ngwe Saung Beach

The palm-fringed beach of Ngwe Saung, with white soft sand and deep blue water, has become a popular destination for those looking for sun and sand. Somebody help me choose one of the beaches? As Myanmar's tourism is growing rapidly, now is the best time to see it in its most beautiful form, and Ngwe Saung is benefiting from it. The Ngwe Saung is a popular beach with tourists visiting Myanmar. Situated west of Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal.

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Ngwe Saung Villages and Restaurants

Ngwe Saung (pronounced'nway saung'), a dozy fishermen's hamlet with a hotel on its wonderful sandy beach, is a great place to unwind after a few week's trip through Myanmar. This is one of the most relaxing places in the countryside, the true pleasure is to lean back and enjoy the sunshine and the scenic view of the beach, or try the morning's bite in a typical fishhouse.

Situated at the north end of Ngwe Saung beach for several kilometers, there are a wide range of places offering a multitude of great shellfish, such as crabs, prawns, lobsters and various kinds of sea bream, as well as local handicraft stores. It can take up to an hours hike from some hotel at the south end of the beach to the town - although it's not just a good time for dinner, but also for the sunset over the Bay of Bengal.

Several of the establishments along the way also have beach bars. In Ngwe Saung you can try the Ume Café, an enticing place that offers exquisite traditional Jap and Asiatic fused foods and a fire dance show every night around 7.30 pm. Situated on the street just South of Ngwe Saung, on a hillside opposite the Yanomar Oo and Sterling View RESTRAFT.

In the daytime you can go to the small isle at the south end of the beach of Ngwe Saung, which can be reached on walking at low water. There is a panorama view of the beach and the ocean from its top and snorkeling among the corals and colorful fishing that can be found in the inland water.

It is also possible to rent a guided yacht to some of the beautiful archipelagoes a few kilometers off the coast, where you can go snorkelling in the clear blue sea. Watch our YouTube movie taken near an isolated spot just off the coast of Ngwe Saung. By renting a motorcycle you can discover many kilometers of sand beach around Ngwe Saung up and down (depending on the level of rain, some stretches of the asphalt track, which goes along the beach, have to be covered).

On the northern side, the sands do not end far northerly of the town of Ngwe Saung, but there are some jewels to be discovered, further southwards, beyond the small islet. The beach becomes increasingly empty until one reaches a lonely fishermen' s town with its own beergarden. Even further southwards you will find a small cable-operated boat that is just big enough for three motorcycles.

You can drive a few kilometers further southwards to another fishermen's town where the sandy beach ends. All the cycling tour just a few hrs from Ngwe Saung - but be careful of the flood, which can limit the way along the beach. Watch our YouTube movie from Ngwe Saung beach and visit our Flickr picture gallery for a larger choice of snaps.

There are a lot of trips through Myanmar, including the beach of Ngwe Saung - read more here. For those who want to go further, you can travel through lovely and luxuriant jungles (and some nice villages) to the enchanting Irrawaddy Delta town of Pathein (3 hours), or you can go up the coastline to the beach town of Chaung Tha (2 hours) and take a few small cruise ships.

There' s also an elephantcamp in Padaung Village, less than an hours drive from Ngwe Saung on the Pathein-river. Motorcycles can be rented in most of our hotel for about 10.000 K per night. The majority of these are closed in the low seasons from May to October, although some are open all year round.

Floaters should also be cognizant that the current can be hazardously powerful if you float too far out and there is never a beach patrol or an outfit. Ngwe Saung is less than Ngapali Beach, but much nearer to Yangon and provides a larger selection of mid-range accommodations.

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