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Maps of hotels in the area of Ngwe Saung: Every area in Ngwesaung Beach Myanmar, location of shopping center, railway, hospital and more. One of Myanmar's most popular beaches is Ngwe Saung, also known as Silver Beach. Beach map and hotels near the beach - Ngwesaung Beach

Ngwesaung Beachfront is one of the most frequented places of Ngwesaung Beach. You will find many places of interest in this part of the city, such as Ngwesaung Beach, Lovers Island. Undoubtedly a favourite tourist attraction, Beachfront provides an unforgettable getaway with its renowned sights and exquisite restaurants. Enter your trip details in our database and find the best prices for your stay in Ngwesaung Beach.

The Ngwe Saung

One of Myanmar's most popular sands is Ngwe Saung, also known as Silver Beach. Situated on the Bay of Bengal, this 13 km long section of whitewashed sands. It' only a few kilometers from Chuangtha, another beach holiday in Myanmar. But here the waters are clear and deep, the beach is longer and the sandy is more intact.

There is an islet at the south end of the Ngwe Saung that offers angling and snorkeling. Calm and relaxed is the best way to describe Ngwe Saung. Anyone who visits this beach can be sure that it is not overcrowded or occupied. This is mainly because Ngwe Saung is an upscale traveler.

This beach is home to bungalows and other noble facilities. Here you rarely find sellers on the beach. Unfortunately, Ngwe Saung is not accessible to the upper classes of the countryside due to its high-end natural environment, as well as to visitors with a low cost, as there are few cheap shelters.

For a holiday in Ngwe Saung you may have to treat yourself a little, but every penny is guaranted. It is a wonderful beach and an unforgettable adventure.

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Burmese ????????) is the site of several seaside towns and a small town in the Myanmar municipality of Iran. The Ngwe Saung is a collection of residential areas and other properties that extend along a 9 km long beach with a small north side town. The beach is also a little spoilt by the locals motorcycle and sometimes by quad-taxi riders who drive along the beach and offer touring and transportation for the tourist.

Nevertheless, the beach is beautiful, and if you are a seaside town or want to take a break from the bustling remainder of Myanmar, this would be the perfect and cheap place to do it in comparison to Ngapali. The busses stop and depart on 16.8577294. D-3897291 Crossing directly in front of the town.

In Yangon - There are many busses to Ngwe Saung per night, many in the mornings, with fares between 7,000 and 12,000 kyats, according to the business you are travelling with and the starting point, e.g. Dagon Ayar Highway Railway Station or the citycenter. The Dragon Asia line, which can be purchased in Yangon near the Parkroyal Hotels (not at the hotel), will cost 25,000kya.

Or, try Shwe Pyi Lwin Travel Co (09-43040480, -4200319755, -8550147, 042-42202) for 10,000k yat one way, 06:30 and 07:30 from Dagon Ayar Highway Bus Station. During the high seasons there are also overnight busses (Asia Dragon, Golden Star) at 21:00. You depart from the town centre and reach Ngwe Saung in the midnight around 03:00.

The busses are usually air-conditioned. PATHINS - Some busses and smaller delivery trucks, 1. 5 hours to Ngwe Saung for 3.500k yat. There is a labeled'Beach Express' on a toyota that leaves at 09:00 & 13:00, or Hagel to drive past the north end of Min Gyi Road leading to Ngwe Saung.

We also have at our disposal 30.000k yat cabs. It is also possible to travel by motorcycle for about 10,000 kyats per passenger if you do not have a large amount of baggage. Chung Tha via coastline and motorcycle cab for approx. 8-13,000 Kyaat one way. But hiring motorcycles is probably not a good concept, otherwise the untouched place will soon become a crowded Thai seaside town.

A walk on the beach can be an optional extra, but it can take some inconvenience. Otherwise, choose the city motorbike or quads taxi, 1000k yat within the town and 1,500k yat at both ends of Ngwe Saung beach. There' s not much to do in Ngwe Saung, that's the one. As there are currently not many ways to get your hands on your own cash: there is an ATM at the Ngwe Saung Yacht Resort, one at the Yamonnar Oo Resort Hotel and another at the Emerald Sea Resort.

You' ll see local people wearing these shiny lush vegetation on the beach. Purchase one for 500 Kyat and you have a sunscreen for a few nights (they are not intended for eternity). You can find some street cafes across from Yazuna Resort and Pearl Hotel and generally along the street alongside the beach for $2-4 per meal.

Furthermore, many resort (e.g. Sunny Paradise, Bay of Bengal, Emerald Sea Resort) have their own non-guest dining area, with slightly exorbitant rates, but this is offset by the comfortable environment. There are also a number of restuarants in the town. There' s no such thing as a nightclub, but the very fashionable and classy Bay of Bengal Hotel (see below) offers disco-like entertainment.

Otherwise, try one of the many local pubs and teahouses that offer a full range of beers, coffees and teas throughout the city. In Ngwe Saung there are not many budgetary possibilities. The best would be the Pearl Ngwe Saung Resort Hotel or the pensions near the major intersection, where the coach will stop for about 20,000kyats.

Chaung Tha - Like Ngwe Saung, known for its lovely sands. You can reach it by coach via Pathein, 7-8,000 Karat, 3-4 h. Or you can rent a motorcycle cab along the coastline for 8-13,000 Karat, which is much more thrilling, scenic and probably better for your belly.

Pick-ups and busses take 1.5 hours and costs about 3,500 kyats. The price of privately owned cabs is about 30,000 kyats. They will most likely be deposited at the central urban coach terminal. You can take a motorcycle taxicab to or from the coach terminal, whichever way you want to go.

The Yangon buses leave at 6:30, 7, 8 and 10 am 8-12,000kyats. You can buy your ticket in the inns or in the town.

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