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Myanmar government representatives agree that the NGO sector must thrive. National Commission on Human Rights of Myanmar. Can you find positions in NGO, Charity & Voluntary Jobs? Working in all regions of Myanmar. Formal (INGOs, NGOs recognised by the UN) Visa Single Entry and Official Visa Multiple Entry.

NGOs' Futures in Myanmar

The National League for Democracy (NLD) and the Union Solidarity and Access Party (USDP) have agreed that the NGO industry must thrive if Myanmar is to move forward towards democratization and sustainable growth. Myanmar Times interviews Daw Phyu Phyu Thin of the NLD and U Aung Thaung of the USDP on their opinions on the roles that both NGOs locally and internationally should have.

The Pyithu Hiuttaw representatives for the community of Mingalar Taung Nyunt are Daw Phyu Phyu Phyu Thin, who heads a group that helps 300 HIV-infected people. The EU considers that if the NGO industry and the groups of NGOs thrive, Myanmar's democratic process will be made swift. Mr. U Aung Thaung is Chairman of the Croatian Committee of Directors of Hluttaw and USDP CEO.

As more NGOs show up in Myanmar, there will be more dynamism for democracy reform," he said. Phyu Phyu Thin said that while NGOs have provided invaluable help in the country's economies, such as India and Cambodia, this is not necessarily the case in Myanmar. Strengthening civic society," she said.

As the NLD spokesman also referred to the dispute that has drawn NGOs in because they have spent too much of the money on wages and manning. Mr U Aung Thaung said that NGOs would have a greater influence on the most vulnerable groups if greater openness became a topical issue. "In the past, some of our humanitarian organisations have come to areas affected by disasters, but their cost has been higher than the amount of work.

Phyu Phyu Thin said that this is not a common concern in advanced economies as the NGO salary is similar to many other occupations. However, the situation is a particular challange in Myanmar as high joblessness and NGO incomes are above averages. "There is less money for a company than for an INGO, so there are employee disputes because they think everyone is looking for a work.

United Aung Thaung takes a different opinion and says that the issue is not so common. Representatives also disagreed on the registering of NGOs and civic organizations. He said that a registering bill was not yet appropriate. However, U Aung Thaung thinks that the missing of a registry act could cause disarray because there are no clear regulations.

"Without regulations, some NGOs could do what they want - to the detriment of the local people and their own people. In contrast to U Aung Thaung, Daw Phyu Phyu Thin rejected a law according to which NGOs must be not politic. However, both members are agreed that the K500,000 per year is too high.

It' s outside the hut now," said U Aung Thaung. Mr Phyu Phyu Thin said that further advances in the roles NGOs can perform are the responsibilities of the governments and the population.

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