Obtain the Ngathaingchaung weather forecast. Beh' Ngathaingchaung, Ngathainggyaung, Ayeyarwady, Burma. Gnathaingchaung: hard day of climbing. Here are the map results for Ngathaingchaung, Myanmar (Burma). Interactive route planner for Ngathaingchaung city, Yegyi, Pathein, Myanmar.

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Nighthaingchaung or Ngathainggyaung and sometimes Nga-thaing Chaung and Ngatheingkhyonng (Burmese: ???????????????????) is a municipality and subcommunity (fourth administration unit of Myanmar) in Yegyi Townhood, Pathein Districts of Ayeyarwady in Myanmar area. Situated 78 kilometres from the mainland of Pathein, 171 kilometres from Myanmar's biggest and former mainland of Yangon and 444 kilometres from Myanmar's present mainland of Naypyidaw.

: That Ayeyarwady region here item is a stump.

Burma meander: The Gwa after Ngathaingchaung: a tough climb

Although it should be a long, strenuous days, I quickly turned around the city, at the riverbank you take the boat to the other side, where there are great sandy spots, but not for me today. When I left the city I had to find provisions, so I wanted to try out a package that seemed like a peanut in one of the stores, but with speech disorientation I wanted the fellow, although I wanted to buy the 10 pack pouch, finally I did it after I had tried a package, but it took some amount of patience before he understood what I wanted.

In the beginning, the mounds were not too poor, the streets were extended with a lot of work on the embankments and of course the telecommunication employees were also on the way. From afar I could see the mothers of all the mounds, heavy earthwork was done with machinery everywhere and many parts of delicate, silken powder that felt like it when I was in a dustworm, when the automobiles and lorries came the other way, it was a grandma walk, so it was difficult to stop my breathing until the powder was gone and I had just cleaned my clothing, I was grim.

Here they do not obey the outlines, they are following the ridges and up and down so that you can drive on the highest hill when it goes in its director. Sometime I was at my limits when I was driving past another teahouse on my way up, and a bloke screamed to me, which seemed to be happening a bit, but I wasn't in the spirit to scream back, you come and go by bicycle and I am driving your motorcycle, someone must have translated because he kept his mouth closed and everyone smiled.

I was given the gear shift, it locked and joy bikes are almost finished, so I graded it after some work but had dirty palms and not much rain, so I drove on to the lowlands where I found washing washwashes. It was another ten kilometres to Ngathaingchaung along a very, very rough street.

A motorcyclist took me to the guest house in Ngathaingchaung after I got a while. So I found a local China food store serving roasted browning in the city, so it was a great way to end a tough outing.

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