The Ngapudaw is a town in the Ayeyarwady region of southwestern Burma (Myanmar). The Ngapudaw (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Receive the Ngapudaw weather forecast. The Ngapudaw is a town in the Ayeyarwady region in southwestern Burma. Ngapudaw is the seat of the municipality in the district of Pathein.

The Myanmar Times | Pathein-Ngapudaw Street opened

av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024292", "InPage_1512024292"]); var _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm. push (["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024269", "InPage_1512024269"]); A new street between Pathein and Ngapudaw in the Ayeyarwady area was opened on March 25. At the end of 2008, the construction department put the street into operation. The Myanmar Times has been informed by Daw Khin Hla Myint, deputy chief of Pathein Department, that the region's infrastructures are "underdeveloped".

"Ayeyarwady area is a deltas and is susceptible to catastrophes such as Cyclone Nargis in 2008. "There is an undeveloped regional structure and so far it has been necessary for the population to depend on the transport of goods, which is one of the reasons why so many lives were lost during Nargis - they tried to avoid the storms on the waterways," she said.

"But now, if there were a catastrophe, it would be possible for those who live there to get away via streets that link the different cities," she added. While Ngapudaw municipality was not one of the areas most affected by Nargis, it was one of the areas not connected to a new street until 25 March, she added.

Ngapudaw Pathein Street is 12 foot broad (approx. 3.6 meters), more than 20 kilometers long (32 kilometers) and two-lane. Another Deputy Minister of Construction Engineers, Mr Than Win Myint, said that the Department had also constructed three viaducts to bridge two creeks and a stream between Pathein and Ngapudaw.

Failure analysis for Hpondawbye Village, Ngapudaw Township, Myanmar

The following chart shows a satelite assesment of the affected Hpondawbye community, Ngapudaw Township (MMR017004), Ayeyarwady Division, Myanmar. Corrupted structures were detected with WorldView-1 images taken on May 23, 2008 with a 50 cm spacialolution. It is a first failure evaluation and has not yet been evaluated in the area.

Ngapudaw Township Wild elephants Destroy Home, Cultures

The local population said that each flock comprised at least five cattle. On Monday night the flocks reached the town of Dipayone Kwethit, separated from the eastern and western parts of Pathein-Mawtin-Stra├če. Getting so near the humans, the forest guard had to fire gunshots to frighten them away," said Tin Chaung District Director U Tun Lay, who was helping the guard to chase away the fierce cattle.

In Dipayone Kwethit a home was demolished by the elephant that had hiked into the back yard to feed on grain. They were not aggresive towards the people. "They were approaching the fence of our homes, but did not seem antagonistic. "And when one houshold chased them away, they went to another one.

And when the place spooked them, they went to the next one. He added, "They made sounds and started a fire to keep the elephant away from their homes. He said the bulls were still in the forest near the town on Tuesday mornings. Created in June this year and made up of non-governmental organisations, the forest police and Myanma Timber Enterprise personnel, the team's mission is to drive off wild animals from their homes and protect them from poaching.

They regularly patrol the woods and, if necessary, distribute elephant wildlife with the help of domesticized domestic animals. "These are places often frequented by savage bulls. We' ll push them back into the woods with the help of elephant domestication,' said Khun Pyone Naing. Initially, forestry and municipal policing will ensure the safety of the town.

Usually, according to the locals, ferocious bulls go to ranches looking for rice from the rice crop in November to about May, just before the start of the wet seasons. "This has also given the possibility for the poacher to chase down savage animals that come looking for food," he added.

Four locals were slaughtered last year in elephants-man conflict after the creatures broke out near Ngwe Saung Beach in the western township of Pathein, according to the Ngwe Saung Beach PD. Thirty employees of the Ministry of Forestry had to expel a feral bull after he had demolished a building and slaughtered a swine in the western part of the municipality of Pathein in the district of Kyotokphya.

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