Ngapali Diving

Diving Ngapali

Immerse yourself in the unexplored waters of Ngapali in this half-day dive adventure. Attempt an adventure vacation with Inside Burma Tours diving or snorkeling in the little visited and dived waters around the Ngapali beach in Burma (Myanmar). If you love scuba diving, join our Ngapali Scuba Diving Day and you will see an abundance of colorful reef fish and various soft and hard corals. Schedule a visit to Ngapali Water Sport Center, Myanmar. The first is that the beach of Ngapali is not a good place for snorkeling/diving.

Scuba Diving as a "great adventure" - Review of the Asia Whale Ngapali Water Sport Center - Private Adventures, Ngapali, Myanmar

We used Ngapali Water Sports Center for two logged missions. There was nothing that seemed like a diving store when we got out of the vans, but we went to the shore and took a tender to her diving ship, which also serves as a diving store.

The 3-storey ship was for us, complete with a 5-man team and a cook! Afterwards we had to drive to a rather far away place to collect the diving instructor, who is a former marineiver and also worked on submarine pipes. Nowhere else were there paintball shields and the diving briefings were very short as the instructor's English is restricted.

We had a good first dives, but the waters were very overcast with a great deal of organic matter (bad for scuba diver, but good nutrition for fish).

Astonishing dive sites in Myanmar

It is Ngapali Strand, an astonishing sandy and clear sea front on the Bay of Bengal in the state of Rakhine. It' one of the best diving spots in the whole wide open area. The Ngapali Diving Center Ngapali Diving Center offers a 1 hrs drive from the port to the diving site or 2 hrs drive to the offshore diving site.

Imagine yourself in this early afternoon, have a cup of tea and some fruits and look forward to your next diving! Dress up your equipment, make sure everything is working properly and hop to the small craft to get to the area. These diving spots around the shore of Ngapali are still very much uncharted and the wealth of colorful marine life and corals is simply magic!

In a few days you can unwind and enjoy the sea near the site, which must be similar to paradise.

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