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In Burmese, the name "Ngapali" has no meaning, but comes from the Italian "Napoli" (the city of Naples). Attempt an adventure vacation with Inside Burma Tours diving or snorkeling in the little visited and dived waters around the Ngapali beach in Burma (Myanmar). Now, we know a place where your dreams can come true, and it's Ngapali. Go on our boat and enjoy the beautiful sunset in Ngapali with your family or loved ones while you are in Myanmar. 20 years ago, Ngapali Beach on the Bay of Bengal was an untouched jewel in the crown of Myanmar's natural treasures.

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Situated in the state of Rakhine, Ngapali Beach is a 15 miles long coast lined with gold sandy beaches and palms. Ngapali is a paradise surrounded by the crystal clear and mild water of the Bay of Bengal, and is the ideal place to get away from it all.

One little-known fact is that Burma does indeed have the longest coast in Indochina, and Ngapali, so called years ago by a homeless Italians, reminiscent of Naples, is only a small but glamourous piece of this coast. Featuring a number of highly developed establishments along the cove, the resort has a justifiable claim to be Myanmar's most important seaside resort.

The majority of them have their own entrance to the beaches, together with deck chairs and butlerservice, often with restaurant and swimming pool with a view of the coves. You can run the entire length of the shore without interruption, and while there is a lot of room, the four properties are very near to each other, and more are scheduled for the oncoming years.

Ngapali is certainly not a Phuket, and although it is not as remote and undetected as it once was, it still stays near its fishingmot. While watching from the coast at sunset, the small fishermen' s vessels sail out of the cove to collect the daily pay-off.

But despite the celebrations, Ngapali is more of a place to go to sleep early than a rebellious seaside location. Holidays are during the wet seasons (from May to October) and many of the hostels are closing for renovation. Thandwe is a frequent flight from all parts of Burma, so it is simple to include it in any part of a route (although we suggest inserting it either at the beginning or end of a route), and it takes between 10 and 30 minutes by car to get to the city.

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