Ngapali Beach Travel Guide

The Ngapali Beach travel guide

Sava Myanmar travel guide Ngapali Beach Drone. Ngapali Beach should certainly tick all boxes for you if you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday. Ngapali Beach's comprehensive travel guide. A day trip to the local fishing village from Ngapali Beach. On arrival, your tour guide and driver will greet you at the airport and accompany you to the hotel for check-in.

What is the best way to get to Ngapali?

When you travel in Myanmar, what do you want? However, for many the name Myanmar does not mean a beach. Obviously this land is not known as a beach resort, but in fact, with tens of kilometres of coastline directed towards the green Andaman seas, there are many nice places to go diving into the water and enjoy a barbecue meal by the seaside.

Today we give you some hints and advices for your trip to Ngapali, the most beloved beach town in Myanmar. Ngapali Beach is reminiscent of the southern Thai island 2 or 3 centuries ago. Ngapali's general scenery is a long and untouched route of thick sand, lined with thick palms and typical fishermen who do their day-to-day work not far from the coast.

What is the best way to get to Ngapali? Since Myanmar is a very vast land, it would be very hard to get to Ngapali because it is part of Myanmar's westboundary. In Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake or Mandalay, the drive to Ngapali takes at least the whole time.

Most travellers will therefore decide to travel by air. Thandwe, the closest international airfield, is even nearer to Ngapali than the city of Thandwe itself. Ngapali Resort is an excellent place to spend the night for those who come here. All of the mansions are located by the seaside, roomy (at least 55 sq. metres) and have floor-to-ceiling window so that you get a feeling of being nearer to the ocean.

In all its cabins, this enchanting residence offers a singular but traditionally decorated area. At sunset, a lavish meal cooked by one of Myanmar's best cooks awaits you to take you by surprise. Enjoy your meal in the evening. Sandoway is one of the first resorts to be opened in Ngapali in 1999, when the site was still unexplored and unfamiliar to most people.

Nearly two decade-long after its opening, Sandoway is still able to maintain its hospitableness and is still one of the best seaside towns in Myanmar. The design of the Amata Ngapali Beach Estate is based on the design of the fisher families' homes in Mya Pyin Village. This whole complex fits in perfectly with the luxuriant leaves and scenic environment.

It offers the most luxury accommodation of all Ngapali. Amara Ocean is in a great position with all of our privately owned chalets overlooking the Andaman Sea and the great Rakhine hills in the foreground. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the resort's 26 cabins offer maximum intimacy and comforts.

Most of Ngapali is not open during the months of May to September, there are hardly any airfares at Thandwe Airport. This is why this is also known as the Ngapali Enclosed Series. At other times of the year (October to April) Ngapali receives travellers from all over the globe with bright sunlight and hot sea breezes.

Ngapali has a Christmas and New Year mainsaison. It is better to make your reservation for Ngapali a few month in advance. 2.

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