Ngapali Beach Snorkeling

Snorkelling Ngapali Beach

We spent some time on Pearl Island beach after snorkelling and fishing. You can swim in the calm waters, snorkel from the beach or relax on the white sandy beach after lunch. Snorkelling and fishing boat trips. Making snorkelling under the Tsunami Buddha. The next stop is the beach, where you board the Ngapali Princess, a wooden boat specially built for fun sea activities.

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Soak up half a full working days away from the bustling crowds of the bustling capital and unwind with your English speaker on Pearl Island. Kayak and snorkell the... Have a restful holiday in the fishermen' s town of Maung Shwe Lay on a full-time excursion from Ngapali Beach with pick-up and return at Ngapali Beach Hotel,.....

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During our visit to Ngapali we had a nice cruise with Chit Phoo. The night before we reserved and began the journey at 8 o'clock in the morning. The scheduled length was 4 hrs, but it was no trouble for Chit Phoo to give us a little more free access to the Isle of Pearls.

Then we went snorkelling and we stayed on the Isle of Pearls for an hours to eat the fish we caught. He is also a very good speaker of German. Thank you for this restful journey to paradise!

Beach Skies - Ngapali Beach Tips and Tricks

Whilst some folks were suggesting to miss a beach break in Myanmar, I'm happy that we found enough free beach access to Ngapali, one of the most underrated I' ve ever seen! When you have free traveling, make sure you go to Ngapali Beach. These are some of my best hints and suggestions for your sojourn in this lovely part of Myanmar!

Nearly all Ngapali air services go via Yangon, so make sure you get off at the right stop, as some people didn't know we were doing more than one stop! So what's to do in Ngapali Beach? The five day we spent in Ngapali was way too fast.

Most of the day we were in the hot summer air and went for a walk on the beach. We have small towns at both ends of the Ngapali Beach highway, a small fishermen town to the west near Yoma Cherry Lodge and a small town to the east towards the pleasing view.

We also have various boating excursions, which include excursions to Pearl Island, snorkelling and snorkelling, although we have been told several occasions that snorkelling and snorkelling are not so great. It is possible to collect the boats from all providers on the beach and some of our restaurant had contact with the organisers of the boats, so you may get a rebate.

The Ngapali Beach is definitely developing and is being rapidly expanded, with new properties along the route and several being constructed towards the city. As for the number of visitors, I can't say that there were none, but the beach was still quite empty and during our walks up and down the beach it seemed that many of the beach areas and sun beds were empty, but that might have more to do with the fact that it was a low seasons (February/early March).

Although we were not in the high seasons, we had over 30 degrees Celsius daily and lots of sun. Whilst I'm sure not all of our resort would allow this (not even ours!), we went to a retailer and bought beverages and refreshments for our room (it was less expensive than the resorts) while we were playing tickets and watching the sun set on our balc.

N.: I posted a map of Ngapali Beach so you can see where each of them is....some of them are lacking because there are many new ones in the north.

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