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September Ngapali Beach

I am interested in visiting the beach of Ngapali in mid-September. The Ngapali Beach is perceived as the beach holiday in Burma. Amata Resort & Spa Ngapali Beach in Ngapali, Myanmar. Hotel closes during the rainy season, usually June-September. The beach of Ngapali and Myanmar in general is a country that really knows how to set the scene for the sunset.

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Then I realize it's the wet season. No. Is it still open? and will the beach still have some sunlight to make a beach vacation rewarding, or is it common for it to remain raining and/or overcast the whole year? Recreational areas are open, but if you are fond of sunny weather, you are advised to move this destination to another time period, because September is the end of wet seasons and mostly it is raining, not sure to see the sun.

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I am in Myanmar until September 6 and wanted to know if it makes good business to go to the beach at Ngwe Saung or if the wheather is not good enough for bathing. Do they have beautiful sands there? Is the wet seasons just not there for bathing? It' still a September morning monsoon. Not a good time to go to the beach, I guess.

I' m enjoying it. They have low prices incl. airshow. This year' s flights to Ngapali every day. I only look for alternative options as soon as I have been to Bagan, because it seems to rain a great deal in Yangon, Hpa-An and Mawlamyine. Easy to ask - have you seen Mandalay, Sagaing and Inle?

I' ve been to Mandalay, Sagaing, Inn Wa and Mingun. I didn't intend to go to Inle, as it seems to be a touristic place.

I am interested to see Ngapali beach in the center.....

I am interested in visiting the beach of Ngapali in mid-September. Shall I wait till October? May is still the wet weather, I think. The middle of September is delicate for all areas in Southeast Asia. The majority of them are nailed and locked during the months of the monsoons until mid-October and the locals are not open.

Daylight for the tourist won't run any more. Departure until the end of October.

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