Ngapali Beach Restaurants

Beach restaurants Ngapali

Ngapali Beach, Ngapali on TripAdvisor: Here you can find travel reports and photos of restaurants near Ngapali Beach in Ngapali, Myanmar. Explore the best restaurants in Ngapali Beach including Pleasant View Islet Restaurant, Sandoway Resort Restaurant, Htay Htay's Kitchen. Beach Bar & Restaurant. The Min Thu - Traditional seafood restaurant.

Ngapali Beach Restaurants

Favoured by the natives, the Rakhine meal here comes with a thrill, but the spice can be softened if you ask. There are also good barbecued shellfish, as well as curry and salad. Choosing beach restaurants, this long-established and dependable place serves super-fresh shellfish and curry, and you can look out over the Bay of Bengal while dine.

The Bayview Beach Resort has a catch eating place offering Asian and West oriental breakfast.

The Top 10 best restaurants in Ngapali Beach

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Let us begin by saying that if you go to one of the small restaurants along the street that goes behind most of the Ngapali Beach mainland hotel, your chances of a great eating a great value and totally tasty sea food are high. It' because of our own experience and what we have done on line; Tripavisor visitor feedbacks show that all restaurants in the Ngapali Beach area have a 4 out of 5 star minimum score for client satifaction.

With so many of the restaurants being awesome, it's hard to pick just a few! On this note: Here are some restaurants we really like and would like to dine every single outing. Those crumbs consequently prepare the most delicious meals you don't want anywhere else - it's so good!

All that we tried here was so exceptional and unbelievably crisp that we just can't get enough. Choose from: seabass, king prawn, lobsters, curry, crabs, whatever you want, it will delight the palate. With all these small restaurants around Ngapali Beach casually dressed, stay comfortable.

Oh, we recommend the Sea Shells Chocolate and Myanmar Style Crab. Silver Full Food Restaurant is always making great meals and you will want to come back! You have a great happy hour and are right on the beach near the Amata Hotel.

They are very kind and everything we tried was exceptionally refreshing and tasty. Choose from: barbecued soya, lemon and lemon grass snappers, BBQ giant king shrimps, lobsters, vegetable tempura, prawn, shrimp, curry, egg roll - superb! Like the other two restaurants, the Sea Queen restaurants make astonishing meals again and again, they have a great set of services, and it is very inexpensive!

Managed by a mother/daughter, Miu Miu is a wonderful host, who will welcome you and help you choose the best of them. Shellfish are always perfectly prepared and delicious! It' located in the immediate vicinity of Ngapali Resort Amazon.

We' ve liked every meal, but we especially love the stewed shrimp, barracudas, tiger shrimp, vegetables, seafood and shrimp.

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