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Hotels meet all flights and offer free transportation to/from the airport. ) (Far north behind the airport at the exit of the Sandoway (Thandwe) River). " Hi, may I know the nearest airport of Ngapali? The Myanmar beaches are known for their tranquility and unspoilt nature. Birmingham Air KBZ;

Golden Myanmar Airlines; Mann Yadanarpon Airlines - Show all.

The best way from Bagan to the Ngapali beach - Myanmar Forum

We will be in Myanmar on a brief tour (March 20-29) and would like to stay a few nights on the Ngapali sands. I' ve found several carriers flying from Yangon to Bagan and/or Ngapali, but they haven't found a plane from Bagan to Ngapali.

We' re sure we can go back to Yangon and then on, but that seems to go backwards a while. How do we get from Bagan to Ngapali on the twenty-fourth? Ile Lake is quite interesting and we are considering it, but we are the vacuum cleaner for nice sands and a little serene.

We have made beautiful sands in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc., but the more remote look of Ngapali seems to attract us. Thought? hs there are bagan every day Flights to Thandwe via Heho in March, no plane chang. Not a rental in Burma. One new offer was $300+ for car/driver to Ngapali Beach, with one night.

Simply economize and travel by plane or take a simple coach to a beach further south. Since I live in Honolulu near Waikiki, I have a fairly high standards of beach assessment. This means I was enjoying Ngpalis relatively crowded beach area. If you' re not desperately looking for beach times, I'd go to the South.

Hello, may I know the closest airport to Ngapali?

The Thandwe Airport, as has been said. But I like the stickers system they use - it rescued us too early on one of our trips between Yangon/Inle Lake/Bagan - an airport passenger just got us in good timing by looking at our one! The airport Thandwe is located close to the beach of Ngapali.

Thandwe Airport is the closest airport. The majority of hotels offer free airport transfers.

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