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Lonely Planet Ngapali Beach

I' m glad you enjoyed Ngapali Beach - and thank you for the reviews. Pictures of the Ngapali Beach Resort: Ox cart & buffalo on the beach of Ngapali. Some days at Ngapali Beach are a great addition to any longer Myanmar tour. We used the Lonely Planet travel guide to Myanmar to plan our itinerary.

The main activities in Ngapali Beach

Favoured by the natives, the Rakhine meal here comes with a thrill, but the spice can be softened if you ask. There are also good barbecued shellfish, as well as curry and salad. Choosing beach restaurant-a long-established and dependable place that serves super-fresh shellfish and curry, and you can look out over the Bay of Bengal while dining.

The Bayview Beach Resort has a catch eating place offering Asian and West oriental breakfast.

Traveling in Ngapali Beach

From Thandwe to Ngapali Beach and on to Lon Tha (K500, often, from 6am to 6pm). Capture one in both directions on the highroad. The Thoun will run between Lon Tha and Ngapali Villages (K300, frequently, from 6am to 6pm). Bikes can be hired in many stores and restuarants along the Hauptstra├če and in some of the K3000s.

Some places hire motorcycles for K3000 per hours.

Going to Ngapali Beach

Dining along the Ngapali highway, with a decade and more places serving similar meals at similar rates. It is probably the best place in Myanmar for the freshest sea food, while all local places have some Rakhine cuisine. Between Memento Resort and Thande Beach Hotel there are also a number of beach restuarants with almost the same menu as the restaurant on the beach.

Ngapali Beach Index

Although all of our hostels provide Wi-Fi, there may be gaps in communications during the wet seasons. ATMs accept international debit and credit card transactions outside many banks and an exchange office of CB Bank near Amazing Ngapali Resort. There' s also a KBZ bank in Thandwe that changes and has ATM.

Attractions in Ngapali Beach

About 4 leagues upcountry from the north end of Ngapali Beach lies Thandwe (?????) with its simple roads in a bottom. Thandwe is not an indispensable travel goal, but an interesting attendance, if you have desire on a scenic shift from the beach. There are three gold Stupa's on the hill around Thandwe, each providing outstanding views of the city's pewter rooftops rising from a ocean of palm trees and hedges.

Highest is Nandaw Paya, followed by Sandaw Paya and Andaw Paya. Frequently pick-up truck from/to Ngapali drive from 6.00 to 18.00 (K500).

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