Ngapali Beach

Beach Ngapali

The beaches of Ngapali are very beautiful. Are you looking for a number of hotels near Ngapali Beach that can offer a dream holiday? Only untouched white sand, an idyllic beach lined with palm trees and a perfect view of the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. The Ngapali Beach Stay itinerary is elaborately designed for those who want to see iconic sites and magnificent treasures. The beach of Ngapali in the township of Thandwe in the state of Rakhine offers white sandy beaches, delicious seafood and perfect relaxation.

The NGAPALI BEACH - One of the most attractive beaches in Asia

Turkey waters, smooth sandy areas and a 7 km long dream sea. The Ngapali Island is one of our favourite Asian shores and is in Myanmar! Yes, Myanmar has some unbelievable unexplored sands. Beautiful palms along the whole coast and still very touristic, which gives you almost empty shores.

Explore one of the most attractive Asian sands. In Ngapali everything revolves around the sea and its area. The Ngapali is still as clean as possible. There are 7 things to do in Ngapali. It is a peaceful area with a long coast side street. Hire a bicycle and get on your bicycle early in the day at 8:30 am.

By sundown the flood is low and it is possible to go down Ngapali Beach. In the mornings, while cycling, look out for small side roads leading into the jungles. Hop in and ride your bicycle and interactively meet the kind natives who always have a big grin for you.

Ngapali Beach's fisherman offers a cruise to see the islands off the shore, one of the towns and a little snorkelling. On Ngapali Strand the location of the equator is simply ideal. Early in the day, the shady beaches allow you to take a stroll or run in the mornings.

Ngapali's trademark is freshness, many places to eat everything from seafood curries and barbecued calamari to giant prawns and many other cuisines. We' ve sorted our favourite places by delicacies (?): Some of the women go for a walk on the beaches, sell fruit and in the evening local people come out to go playing with their kids in the seas.

When you are done with your relaxation, there are a few small spot stands on the shore that rent things like floats and paddle boards to have a sundown paddle board moments. Ngapali is best known on Ngapali's website for its perfectly hung rosewood. Ngapali is easy to get to by air, but definitely not the least expensive.

From Yangon to Thandwe International Airfield (15 mins. from Ngapali) a 45 minute non-stop service is $75 in high time. When you plan to travel to Ngapali from Bagan or Inle Lake, look for $90 for a one-way trip (70 min). From Yangon to Ngapali the coach lasts 15h and cost about 14000 Kyat ($9) per one.

There is no local coach from Bagan, it is a 24-hour service, so you may want to plan a trip from here. Ngapali is not the least expensive hotel and guesthouse in Myanmar. Guest houses are everywhere from $15 to $30 per overnight and luxurious hostels ranging from $100 to $250 per overnight.

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